7 Factors that You Need to Check before Purchasing a Smart Phone Case


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Cell phone cases fall into a category as a way of protecting one’s vital and somewhat costly investment. These are designed to secure a phone when it is dropped. However,there are other considerations such as the case’s appearance, design, functionality, construction material, quality, and price other than protection. Review these features to better prepare you to make a purchase, making you confident that you know what you need, as well as what you want.

#1. Durability

It’s inevitable for phone owners to drop their phone at least twice a year. A phone case is a necessity when that happens. Ideally, it should provide protection through a silicone or thermoplastic interior; hard plastic or molded rubber exteriors, not only as a cushion from cracks and scratches, but lend further shield against dust, sand, and water.Body Glove Satin Case Cover (Grape) for Apple iPhone 6 is made from a durable, wear-resistant material that helps absorb impact. It is available for $15.26.

#2. Design

Whoever the person and whatever the lifestyle they might have, a perfect phone case awaits. Most phone case manufacturers have a range of styles, from the very basic Black, to the wildly decorated ones. The options are limitless when it comes to design which is why you can express yourself by choosing a decorative statement that appeal to you most. Cell Armor offers variety of designs from stylish colors and eye-catching patterns which are priced at $7.49.

#3. Functionality

If the case does not protect the phone, then it is not doing its function. Many people want the case to be more than just a safeguard against their own clumsiness. Others want a case that is both protective and attractive while some need something that prevents their phone from slipping. Those using charging stations instead of power cords do not want to take off the case each time their phone needs to be charged. That is why a cursory review of phone case options willhelp a cell phone user identify which features and functions to put on their list.


#4. Material

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The phone’s construction is a primary consideration when it comes to durability. Among the many notable phone case materials include ABS, leather, metal, and thermoplastic- silicone.. However, newer construction of thermoplastic and ABS polymer provides advantages that silicone cannot give, including greater resistance to impact, higher transparency, and lower heat transference.


#5. Quality

Looks can be deceiving. There are more considerations beyond what type of plastic inner layer it has when it comes to phone case quality. Having a keen look at the product itself, either physically or using photographs on more than one angle, is a good place to begin with. Potential buyers should inspect the front and side of the case, and take notes of the interior as well. Look for the connecting line which is visible from the side of the case where the front and back snap together, encasing the phone. Pay attention to this line; the less visible it is, the higher the quality of the case.


#6. Price

Price is not always the most important factor in determining the quality of a phone case. The most important thing is to find the quality, design, and features desired without spending too much. Thanks to the variety of products on the market, buying even the highest quality phone case does not have to break the bank. Still, take note that it is not worth paying more when a less expensive model, does the trick. Similarly, it is also good to look beyond the cheapest model. After going back to the various phone case buying considerations, cell phone users should be better prepared to find the right one to suit their need.

#7. Fit

Another consideration in making that final phone case determination is size and weight. Not only that this include the phone’s ability to fit neatly into a pocket or purse, but also the ability to dock on a charging station or speaker system.  Compatibility with the phone’s functionality also requires a thought. An ideal case should not hinder with the camera, volume button, speaker, or headset jack.

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