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The Apple’s special event and announcement took place on the 12th of September. At the event Apple introduced to new range of iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X, upgraded Apple watch and Apple TV 4K. Apple’s event was more than just a hardware event, since it was tenth Anniversary it released grand products. Let’s take a look at the special announcement from the event.

IPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

This event is mainly special because of the release of new iPhones. Apple launched an upgrade in the form of new phones, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. The new model doesn’t have much changes but the gorgeous OLED screen covered in stainless screen is what makes it unique. It has the exclusive facial recognition feature to unlock the phone, wireless charging, improved features and reconfigured cameras that will run on Apple’s latest hardware and software. The all new advanced feature with no touch Id, home button or headphone jack. The iPhone pricing is very high, it’s expensive and hard to buy but it has amazing value added features you wouldn’t want to miss out.

IPhone X

The highlight of the event was the grand announcement of iPhone X. The new device was introduced as a celebration of 10th Anniversary. It’s known that iPhone X is the advanced version of iPhone with exceptional features. The iPhone X has insanely good looking display, the screen that spans the entire surface of the phone, no home button, face ID and wireless charging. The face detection is a unique feature that can detect beard, glasses on your face making it accurate. Animojis was also unveiled which allows cute emoji filters, it allows a fun experience to the users.

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The Apple Watch

Apple watch is now the most popular and widely important as it’s phone business. Apple updated it’s Apple watch, watch OS$, including heart rate measure tool that give alerts to the user about the increased heart rate that could result in health problem. With the new upgrade, it indicates that Apple is focusing on health and fitness as it includes fitness tracking. In addition, users get to access Siri and Apple Music which is compatible without connected their phone which is compatible.

Apple TV

Apple finally launched the new Apple TV. It’s one of the biggest feature with high definition video resolution. Unlike Amazon, Apple has made creative resolutions that will keep the users hooked on. Apple announced few other things, one is Airpower, a power on which users can charge their phone. This is wireless charging which will release next year. Apple TV is a shiny new thing and is highly expensive than any of it’s competitors.

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