What are the pros and cons of dual-SIM Android phones


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Dual SIM phones are changing the way people travel. Dual SIM mobiles allow you to fit in two SIMs into one mobile. This allows you to call from any one of the SIM cards. Both SIM cards are in standby mode at the time when you receive a call. This allows you to receive a call from either SIM card. Here are some pros and cons of using one.


 1. First of all, Dual SIM phones offer two  best pro “ Two identities” and   “flexibility”. You can choose two different sims cards depending on your convenient.  Ex.  for personal use and one for business or office use Or one with better call rates and one with better data packs. You get it. Complete freedom

2. Secondly, Dual SIM phones offer more connectivities. Smartphones with Dual SIM are the most useful when the two SIMs are from two different mobile suppliers. Some discount programs like free messages, free calling only work for SIMs from the same mobile supplier. So double SIMs, double advantages! Moreover, when one SIM runs out of money, you still have the other! However, before you buy a dual SIM smartphone, consider the drawbacks below.

3. At airports or free WiFi zones. Ever been in a situation where your free WiFi quota is finished? A dual Sim phone can help you here. Generally, wifi providers send a otp code as an SMS. If you have two sims running, well, you can enjoy double the amount of free WiFi. 🙂

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1. First, Dual SIM phones are more complicated to use because its decent level of customization available. There is ALWAYS an extra step whenever you want to make a phone call, text a message or turn on 3G: “Which SIM do you want to use?”. To deal with that, many people choose to switch off one SIM whenever they don’t need to use it.

2. Moreover, Dual SIM phones can lead to confusion! Because of having two “identities”, there are situations in which the owner makes a wrong call or text the wrong message! For example, they may use the “working” SIM to text their friends and their friends just simply think it’s a wrong number!

3. Battery manger. Being connected at two different networks simultaneously takes a toll on your battery and it drains relatively faster. (Though second sim slot can very well be disabled in the settings; thus making it effectively a single sim phone)

4. Low developer support. Many apps lack support of dual Sim. Ex. Whatsapp.

Hope this was useful.


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