Top 5 Android Wear apps


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Android wear being the most talked about gadget has failed to turn the heads around for now. But there is no doubt that once you buy it, there is no looking back. Android wear becomes one of the best gadget by downloading the top 5 Android wear application on your phone. These apps will provide you with some extraordinary features.

There are many Google applications that you’ll love to download on your phone and especially if they give you an excellent option of Android wear.

Let’s discuss the top 5 Android Wear apps :-

1. Google Keep

Google Keep is an amazing note taking application that allows you to take notes, read them and utilise them when needed. Google Keep goes on another level with Android wear option. You can connect the app with Android wear and experience unbelievable amount of features available with the application. It will allow you to read previously written notes or for that matter write new once through your wrist watch. All of this without any cost or charges. The application has no in app purchase.

2. 1Weather

1Weather is an application that most probably works best in phone but this should not deter you from installing this wonderful application. Android wear gives it a beautiful touch where you can know the climate change and weather conditions of your city or country via that watch on your wrist. It is totally free. To remove advertisement you have to pay an amount of $1.99.

3. Find my phone

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Users who want to do something extra with their phone and Android wear, Find my phone is the best application. Find My phone enables you to locate your phone, turn off the alarms, Vibrate your phone and turn on your mobile screen via a combination of Find my phone and Android wear.

4. PixtoCam

PixtoCam is an application that is unique in its own kind. PixtoCam allows you to search or locate pictures from the bundle of photo from your mobile. With Android wear it enables you to focus on photographer, shots, timer. Snap pictures and zoom them. Undoubtedly, PixtoCam is working very well for all the platforms.


IF by IFTTT is one of the best applications available especially for Android wear gadget. For those who don’t know IF by IFTTT allows you to create automatic actions based on previous experiences. For example, you set the application to transfer your important files from one folder to another after utilising it. It is free of cost for all the Android users.


Technology has really made the impossible possible by launching Android wear in the market. The people who have experienced it know this very well. These applications were made for Android devices, launching them for Android wear was an afterthought, therefore, they will take some time to adjust with the Gadget. It makes your work hundred times easier in a single moment. What do you think? Do let us know your experience with Android wear by writing your comments below.

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