5 Tips to Help You Learn Programming Faster


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Learning the ins and outs of coding and programming can require quite the journey, and it’s no secret that the learning curve involved is significant even for a person with above average intellect. However, in recent years, the abundance of freely available resources has made it possible to fast-track the learning process to a large extent.

1. Use Multiple Research Sources

One of the things which any student in any field soon learns is that no two teachers are alike. The same holds true for learning to program. While two or three sources may be saying the exact same thing, you will find that there is that one source that you understand well enough to actually use. For this reason, it is always suggested that you use multiple research sources when learning how to code initially.

2. Sign Up for an Online Course

Unless you’re registered in a course at your local college, you might want to sign up for an online course in computer programming. Not only will you learn the basics of coding but you will also have a teacher available to guide you step-by-step. With today’s cloud technology, you can even collaborate with other students who may have mastered concepts still just beyond your grasp. Most often, online courses are less expensive than those on a college campus, and since you can go at your own speed, there’s nothing holding you back from learning as fast as you possibly can.

3. Sign Up for Programming Forums

Speaking of collaborating, joining a programming forum is one way to get the answers you’re looking for. For example, if you’re trying to disable the Div Class Aspnethidden and are totally lost. In a forum, you may find that there are several ways to go about doing this and each answer may have the exact solution you seek. Forums are also great places to learn new concepts not yet in the textbooks because other programmers are always looking for others willing to give their code a try.

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4. Ask Programmer Chat Buddies for Help

After you’ve signed up for a few forums, you’ll probably meet some cool people that are willing to respond to your private messages and possibly even chat with you via a chat client like Skype or email. Having buddies that you can contact directly is a greatway to receive creative and insightful input about topics you need help with.

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5. Perform Practice Projects

Finally, the best way to accelerate the learning process and gain some true experience is to put your newfound skills to work with practice projects. Gradually increasing the difficulty of your practice projects will allow you to become a more proficient programmer at a faster pace.

How Long Will it Take You to Learn Programming?

Since there are so many different kinds of programming disciplines to choose from, the time it takes to become proficient in any kind of coding will vary. However, as a general rule of thumb, most people can learn a programming language within 1-6 months, depending on the time they devote to it.

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