10 Best Medical Apps for Android


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Health and medical information are critical as it enables us to understand and take care of our body. Having the right medical resources and information is very crucial Like sports, any new technology in the field of medicine is weary as it’s less reliable. Many medical practices only rely on old and reliable methods as the new methods could fail, and it’s a risk they cannot afford to take. There are some great medical apps in the Play Store that can help you quite a bit.

In this article, I will explain in detail the ten best medical apps for Android. Please, do note that if there are severe complications, then you need to consult a real medical professional as quickly as you can. Do remember that these apps are purely for informational purposes and that you cannot diagnose or treat any condition based on the information from the app.

1. CareZone

Carezone is a brand new medical app that is already known as the best app. It’s an all-in-one style app that helps manage medications along with doctor’s instructions. The main features are medication lists, doses, and additional doctor instruction. It also helps you to log any incidents in the in-built journal and also helps you organize your pharmacy and medical related contacts. This is an ad-free app that is completely free to use.


2. Doctor on Demand

Doctor on Demand is a very useful service that lets you contact certified doctors in your area. You might not get a comprehensive diagnosis, but it will help you get quick instructions for things such as depression, flu, anxiety, skin irritation, and heartburn. You might have to see a real doctor for anything more serious, but this app can help you avoid serious complications and gives you relief until you meet a real doctor.

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3. Epocrates

Epocrates is an all-in-one app for medical professionals.It has a wide directory of doctors, drug prescription information, pill identification and medical news. The app also has various medical calculators such as BMI and GFR. This also includes features that are useful for people who are not professional doctors.

4. GoodRx Drug Prices and Coupons

The best medical apps for those who are not professionals in the field of medicine is GoodRX. It’s an app that lets you buy and compare drugs. It allows you to compare prices, find deals and helps you find the best medication in your budget. You should also run by it to your doctor before you buy any medicine.

5. Medical Terminology

This is a reference guide that can help you learn various medical terms and will also help you understand uncommon words and phrases. The app also has a quick search, bookmarks and comes with offline support. This is very functional and is very useful for medical students.

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6. mySugr

Diabetic patients need to constantly keep track of their sugar levels. This app helps them login details, analysis and also comes with an insulin calculator. This app is great for those who are suffering from diabetes as every minute detail counts.

7. Read by QxMD

This app is for those who’d like to stay updated with the latest medical research, topic reviews, and other medicine-related literature. This app is great for professional who’d like to keep up on the latest news and also to see what’s happening in the world of medicine.

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8. Weather Underground

This app is an outside the box app when you take into account all the other medical apps. The weather can help people avoid illnesses and unpleasant or dangerous circumstances. It also has a pollen count and an ozone meter. This can help people with allergies or breathing issues.

9. WebMD apps

WebMD has various apps that are great for gathering info about diseases, drugs and so on. It’s also useful for coaching pain. They also have apps for allergies and one for child care. Their medical apps are useful for physicians and for ordinary people like us. There are great advice and help for everyone.

10. Conclusion

Medical apps can help you avoid harmful situations and dangerous illnesses. It’s important for you to note that these apps are useful for information and aren’t in any way designed for you to diagnose the disease all by yourself. IT’s crucial for you to consult a medical professional and to seek medical care immediately.

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