5 Applications for Mobile Managing and Reducing Stress


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You feel distressed, concerned? Here are 5 applications for mobile to help you relax.

Stress is the way your body reacts to the environment. It is normal to be stressed. What is less, it is when this night to your health. Do not believe that the age of retirement is necessarily synonymous of serenity: health problems, change of style of life bring their batch of disturbances. Nevertheless, solutions exist to manage these moments of high tension. Thanks to these following applications, you will reduce your level of stress and anxiety, while increasing your well-being.

1. Respirelax, a breathing under control

This free application enables you to learn how to breathe in a way to check your level of stress and anxiety: this is what is called, practice cardiac coherence. The goal is to synchronize the inspirations and expiries to movements of the bubble of water that appears on your smartphone. When the latter Monte, inhale. Then exhale when it drops back down. You set the number of minutes of exercises between 3 to 9 minutes, as well as the number of breaths per minute depending on the desired state: balance, relaxing or invigorating. 2 to 3 sessions per day are recommended. Practice also in the case of events stressful.

2. Pacifica, a mood regulated

This free application enables you to work on your mood, relaxation, your thoughts, experiences or your health. You evaluate your level for each of these components. The aim is to perform some breathing exercises, of relaxation and visualization. You can also save by voice your thoughts. Concerning your mood, say if you feel sad, anxious, pleased…. The application will prompt you to set your mood of the day, for the purpose of direct you to relaxation exercises adapted. It may be of meditation, challenges to be addressed, quotes… After several days, the application shows you, in the form of a graph, the evolution of your mood.

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3. Zero Stress, 4 coaches in 1

This application fee (2.69 euros) allows you to control your emotions, to better manage your time, and learn to relax in a situation of stress. Thanks to the 4 levels of coaching, learn how to to appease you. The Coaching number 1 gives you the keys to release the pressure through exercises for a more serene life. The Coaching number 2 you learn to master your time: learn how to prioritize your tasks. The Coaching number 3 teaches you how to control your emotions through the tests. The Coaching number 4 gives you the bases to better communicate: Express Yourself calmly, dare to say not.

4. Stress ID, a custom program

This free application enables you to learn to manage your stress. You access to programs of drive: Relaxation Express, self-esteem, sleep, respiration, concentration, relaxation, motivation and anti-acute stress. You create your custom program according to your needs and from the test results of stress. Then follow the 5 steps: a first step to improve your concentration, a second to find a restful sleep, a third to relax the tension points: shoulders, neck… , A fourth to take conscience of his body in the aim of improving its posture, a fifth to release its tensions.

5. Small bamboo,the expert in meditation

This application of meditation in full conscience, includes first 8 Meditations free. The level goes from the beginner to advanced program. It is divided into several themes including 4 to 31 meetings each. The themes are the following: initiation, progression, mental, body, work, daily, sophrology, inspiration, health. At the end of each meditation, you automatically have access to the next. The ideal is to be devoted to once a week. Each session lasts 20 minutes. It is done in the form of mini video, of small animation films. This is a paid app to the ninth meditation: 4.99 euros per month for an annual subscription, and 0.99 euros per month for a monthly subscription.

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