The Best Available Stock Trading Apps


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Primarily, buying and selling stock investments require you to call a stockbroker in order for you to execute your stock trade. However, thanks to the recent technological advancements, there are trading apps available to assist you and help simplify the process. Here is a look at the best financial trading apps available on the market.


1 Robinhood

Robinhood allows investors to trade stocks without dealing with a commission fee. Robinhood primarily appeals to a younger generation of traders. Robinhood has gained popularity due to its quick sign up process and adaptable interface. Robinhood uses geolocation to help users find relevant stocks. Users can gain insight and learn about different trends from their peers. The app recently announced the creation of Robinhood Gold, an enhanced version of the app that includes a number of features, such as extended trading hours and quicker times for deposits and withdrawals.

2 E-Trade Mobile

E-Trade Mobile helps users quickly locate stocks by using a voice search function. Users can trade stocks, ETFs and mutual funds. The app gives users access to a customizable dashboard, along with access to different charts. Users can also receive up to the minute updates from CNBC, MarketWatch, and Morningstar, among others.

4 Stash

Stash allows users to invest small amounts of money, so that they can learn about investing as they move forward. The app features different tips and articles to help users learn about different investment opportunities. Every investment goes into an ETF, which helps support different themes, such as environment or innovation.

5 TradeHero

TradeHero is a trading app that allows investors to improve their trading skills in a safe environment. TradeHero allows users to try out new strategies without the financial risk associated with other stock exchanges. Users can use their assets to build their portfolios through competing against their peers. The winners will rise to the top of the leader board and receive cash prizes. Users can receive access to different video tutorials. Users will also receive instant updates about the performance of their stocks.

6 Stockpile

Stockpile allows users to buy and sell stocks while also allowing them to buy single shares or fractional shares. Users can invest in high valued stocks, such as Amazon and Google. Users can simply purchase a small share with a lower minimum investment. Stockpile is seen as a great investing tool for traders of all ages.

8 Charles Schwab

Schwab Mobile allows users to manage all of their Schwab investment accounts. Users can deposit checks and transfer funds. Schwab Mobile also includes a live stream of CNBC. The Schwab Bank Bill Pay feature allows you to buy and sell different stocks and ETFs.

9 Fidelity

The Fidelity app provides a unique experience, as market cards float on top of different scenery images. Users can find summaries of their account balances and market average returns. Users can also research news about the US Economy, retirement, and different international markets. At the end of each day, users can find information about the largest market movers during the day.


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