Kik vs. WhatsApp vs. Facebook: Quick Comparison


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WhatsApp, Facebook and Kik Messenger are three of the finest messaging services available. Despite the fact that all of them offer the similar fundamental functionality, each of them has its own strengths. Let’s compare these three messaging services and find out their pros and cons.


Kik Messenger

Kik offers standard messaging options such as sending texts, images, videos and group chats. It also has a unique built-in browser which allows you to browse and share website content with your contacts, without having to leave the chat window. The best part is that chatting is not limited to your phone’s contact list.


On Kik messenger, you can identify members through their usernames as this app doesn’t share users’ phone numbers. It doesn’t sync your phone contacts automatically; you need to add someone’s username to be able to chat with them. While Kik is more committed to the newest innovations in chat technology, there are a few setbacks to its interface and functionality.


WhatsApp is probably the most famous instant messaging service around. WhatsApp uses your phone number to set up an account and new contacts are added as soon as you add their phone number in your phonebook, provided they use WhatsApp too. WhatsApp lets you send free instant messages to anyone who has the app installed. You can send videos, images, voice messages and location information to your contacts. It also has voice and video calling feature and allows group chatting. It has a huge collection of emojis to spice up your conversations.


While it provides a good core service, it lacks moving stickers or mini games and it doesn’t support GIFs. Another drawback is that you can’t log out of WhatsApp because it uses your phone number.

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Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger has a clean, light blue interface, and you can see when your contacts are online. It allows you to chat with individuals and groups. You can send pictures, stickers, GIFs and voice messages, and share location information with your friends. You can continue chatting while in other apps using ‘Chat Heads’. Facebook Messenger also lets you make free calls internationally using the service and, interestingly, you can even use it without having a Facebook account.


Perhaps, the major downside of Facebook Messenger is its privacy and security. Although it is improving its encryption, but there are chances for your location to get revealed. You also don’t have control over notifications like you do in the other messaging apps.


There is no ultimate best messaging app or clear loser among the three apps.

WhatsApp has the most number of users, so it is the most convenient messaging app to use. It also allows voice/video calls.

Facebook Messenger lets you can contact anyone who has added you on Facebook, and it also has voice/video calling feature.

Kik messenger has the best security, and it allows you to log out of the service whenever you want.

If you don’t already have any of these apps and wondering which one to download, go for WhatsApp, simply because it has all the right features and has more number of users than any other messaging service, so you’re likely to find more of your friends on this App.

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