This app allows you to use the company’s mobile and personal in same device

With OpenPhone you can receive messages and calls in two phone numbers separately


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For the majority of professionals who have a business phone it is a hassle to have to be loaded with two phones. And the alternative of using personal mobile for work issues can also be annoying, especially when you want to separate the work life of the staff.

The solution for this comes from the hand of OpenPhone, an application that allows you to configure a second mobile phone in a single deviceand differentiate calls and messages.

OpenPhone is an application for iPhone, iPad and Android, currently available only for mobile phones in the United States or Canada.

The app allows you to get a second phone number for $ 9.99 per month , either a new or existing number, which is ideal to use the company number.

Once the second number is configured, calls and messages can be received in the OpenPhone application. Professional and personal calls and messages will be completely separated.

This application is the project of a start-up arising in the accelerator of company Y Combinator, in California.

The CEO of OpenPhone, Mahyar Raissi, explains that the idea of ​​this application arose from both his own experience and the observation of the clients he had when working in a software company. That’s how he realized that most of the professionals they dealt with used their personal phone numbers to do business and they hated it

 “They had to publish their number online or give it to strangers. This meant receiving constant calls when they were with their families or when they were busy, “Raissi explains to Techcrunch . However, maintaining good communication and being more receptive was one of the keys to the most successful and productive businesses.

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This is how the idea came about to create this application that allows two numbers to be used separately in the same device.

OpenPhone also allows you to configure a different voicemail and configure availability by setting a business schedule. Another function is the transcription of voice mail.

This app uses VoIP and routes all your calls and text messages through your Internet connection.

In the future OpenPhone wants to add new features to make the app more collaborative, allowing for example that the same number be shared with different employees of a company.

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