Top 5 Common Challenges faced by Web Developers


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Every single app you install on your smartphone or tablet has been created by a developer. This is a trade that’s constantly gaining value, and we see more and more people choosing it as their profession. Still, developing an app can be quite a tricky business and people in this field have to work hard in order to overcome difficulties they face.

In this article, we’ve singled out the 5 biggest challenges developers face and what they can do to overcome them.

Offering good user experience

In today’s world of technology, offering good user experience can be quite challenging. No matter how good your idea is or how useful your app is, if it’s not user-friendly, you’ll hardly be able to make any money off it. In fact, fail to make your app user-friendly, and the consumers won’t even get a chance to understand the brilliance behind it. Therefore, most of the web developers work hard on researching the market and looking for what consumers really want. Then, they have to use that info while developing their apps.

Making apps fast

Another thing consumers today want are apps that run fast. And even though the internet speed has never been faster, designing something that works fast is still a big challenge. This is the case because the speed of your app doesn’t depend only on how it has been designed or the server’s bandwidth speed – it’s all about finding the balance between many servers and building an infrastructure that can support high speeds. Web developers tend to deal with this issue by making their apps flexible which allows them to make changes in order to make their apps run faster.

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Improving performance

As mentioned above, fast apps are exactly what consumers today need. Still, even the fastest apps won’t gain any attention unless they perform correctly. Unfortunately, mistakes such as poorly written codes, un-optimized databases, and poorly chosen third-party services can seriously decrease the performance of your app. Web developers try to overcome this issue by introducing content distribution network or CDN. The use of these helps them balance their traffic or use different servers, which increases their apps’ performance.

Dealing with finances

If you’re running a small developing company, dealing with finances is probably one of the most difficult tasks you’ll get to face. It’s all about lowering the costs of your app and still making money out of it. Still, many people in this field aren’t specialized in dealing with finances, which is exactly why most of them choose to outsource this task. It’s always a good idea to find a company that provides financial services such as Pherrus, and have them deal with your finances, while you focus on the core aspects of your business.


Securing apps

With so much focus on performance and speed of their apps, web developers sometimes neglect security. This can turn out to be a big problem, especially with apps that deal with payments and collecting sensitive user data. Hackers don’t really care about how big your app is or many downloads it has, all they want is user data they can use for their wrongdoings. That’s why web developers have to make sure each of their apps that deal with sensitive user data is properly secured.

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Web development surely is difficult. Still, this occupation drives today’s world and we can only expect to see it become more and more popular. And the web developers who are determined enough and are ready to tackle the problems mentioned above have a great chance of succeeding in this industry.

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