5 Ways To Get Engagement Organically


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We translate engagement as commitment and sympathy towards a brand company, service, store or personal brand.

Almost all the agencies invest in advertising on social networks because of the instantaneous results that this generates and because it is the fastest and most effective way that is currently handled in the market, but the golden dream would be to achieve almost the same results without having to pay for it. it.

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For this reason, we want to share with you what we have done and has generated results with our clients without investing money.

Do it organically in our own way:

1 Let’s start with the most important and is to know your niche market.

Segment, know the tastes and interests of people who may feel identified with what you sell or promote.

Not only is it enough to segment geographically and demographically, but also segment your target audience psychographically.

With all this information we are more than confident that your engagement organically will be a success.

2 Pay attention to the metrics that social networks throw at you.

Facebook and instagram have their own metrics that can give you a pretty summary of how people behave when they interact with your content, through them you can know, whether they liked it or not, which topic has greater reach and which does not, in what hours it is more opportune to publish and at what time not.

Use the metrics, they allow you to measure the performance of your work in social networks and its organic scope, so you will know what to change in the strategies you perform for the fulfillment of each objective.

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3 Motivate People.

We dare to say that if something does not excite, it does not sell. Use content marketing, create a need and give a solution.

What better way to generate engagement by giving your users what they need?

4 Create content that people who see it, stop and do not pass by.

We recommend using a striking copy with an image that speaks for itself.

Make short videos or tutorials that show what is necessary to get hooked without going to the next publication.

5 If a user comments on your post or your tweet or your blog, answer them.

Do not imagine the damage done to your brand or your company to ignore those who take a moment to write to you, these users can be your possible client and believe that they are grateful they will be with you until the end.

If they are not what they acquire your product they will be the best spokespersons to advertise you, not only digitally but also word of mouth.

6 Make good use of storytelling; tell a story, what your company can do, example:

Did you solve a need?
Did they cover a guarantee?
How did they do that so that person could fulfill their objectives with your advice?
The time has come for you to evaluate if what you share in the different internet platforms generates engagement.

Share with us how it is for you to generate engagement.


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