Key Features of Modern-day Cold Storage Design & Construction

Learn 8 Key Aspects of Cold Storage Design and Turnkey Solutions


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The twenty-first century has seen an unprecedented surge in food processing and round-the-clock food distribution based on a complex network of facilities, automation and transportation systems. All of these systems work in tandem to keep this multi-billion-dollar industry running and growing.

Indeed the logistics and supply chain sectors would not flourish as they have without the presence of cold storage, which forms the backbone of food processing and food distribution globally.

Refrigerated warehouses, however, are not easy to set up, and no easier to operate. With a handful mushrooming in virtually every major city in the United States, design and construction of cold storage facilities has turned a global flourishing industry in itself, albeit one requiring expertise and niche knowledge of the latest technological advances in the field.

8 Key Aspects of Cold Storage Design

Contrary to popular perception, cold storage design is much more than building “a refrigerated space to store foods in transit.” Here are the eight cornerstones of a successful and effective cold storage design:

  • Practical space utilization to achieve maximum possible pallet density
  • State-of-the-art cooling and ventilation systems allowing efficient temperature control
  • Minimization of energy costs to keep long-term operational costs in check
  • Employing the latest automation solutions that best suit business requirements and minimize manual handling
  • Ergonomically efficient design to ensure employee safety and comfort
  • Integrated security, fire-protection and trouble-shooting systems to tackle downtimes and emergencies
  • Environment-friendly design and construction supporting water harvesting and waste-water treatment
  • Integrated loss prevention measures to curb spoilage and wastage


While these are some of the key aspects of design, construction and operation of a cold storage facility that will be productive and profitable for years to come, the technical know-how required to plan and build such a facility is the foundation of any cold storage project worth its cost.

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Turnkey Solutions for Cold Storage Construction and Management

The best cold storage chains the world over have been based on designs that incorporate all the above-listed aspects of cold storage construction. With some turnkey solutions providers offering niche solutions specially created for cold storage design and construction, the sector has seen exponential growth in the last twenty years.

By combining tailor-made systems with end-to-end services right from project design to after-sales support, leading turnkey providers are offering business owners the convenience of entrusting entire projects to a single vendor experienced in all aspects of building cold storages.

For instance, a well-planned and successfully executed food refrigeration facility employs the latest hi-tech equipment; however, it also serves as a model of sustainability for other businesses to follow by integrating effective waste management in the design phase itself.

This important aspect of the project needs due attention from the business owner as well as all stakeholders, and companies specializing in cold storage construction will ensure it does not go overlooked.

Another equally important aspect of cold storage projects is the possibility of improvisation and fine-tuning during the execution phase. A design-and build company that has been in business long enough will have the expertise and the experience to adjust and adapt your design to unforeseen changes.

To summarize, if you’re on the lookout for resources to bring your next cold storage to life, a vendor that specializes in end-to-end execution of such projects will help you save both time and money.

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