Make Security A Top Business Priority For 2018


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It feels like there is a new online security breach every week. Most companies collect customer datain some shape of form due to the explosion of online shopping and the digitizing of information over a generation. Network security must stay on the cutting edge, consistently running at peak performance, and even then, breaches continue to occur. Network security is big business and will continue to increase with cyber threatslooming large. Consumers continue to hand over personal data in exchange for shopping and service conveniences, but if a data breach occurs, it can spell disaster for the business that is collecting it.

Corporations and small businesses all over the globe are discovering the nightmare a data breach can create. They are beginning to prioritize the protection of sensitive data, including employee and customer information.Cloud computing and network security firms are expanding across the globe,ensuring their IT equipment needs are uninterrupted by partnering with experts like TecEx that specialize in moving highly regulated parts and materials across borders quickly and without delays at customs. With so many people relying on the integrity of network security, providers must constantly stay at the top of their game.Government regulations require companies to protect customers and employees. Having advanced security in place is a major selling point and will help advance digital initiatives and grow profits.

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In 2018, network security engineers and administrators continue to play a pivotal role in the success of businesses. However, security needs to be emphasized company-wide. The attitude of leaving security and protection of data up to a small team or sometimes even one individual needs to change moving forward. This includes the entire IT department as well as those working in sales, marketing, administration, and even at retail stores. Those responsible for IT security, networks, servers, developers, etc. will be the primary overseers and creators of digital security plans, but everyone should be trained in safe strategiesfor their day-to-day.

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Performing frequent, regular security audits and performance tests in all areas of the company should be a priority –from engineers designing secure systems and networks to individuals collecting customer emails in-store. Trusted third-parties can help identity blind spots and vulnerabilities that internal departments might miss from their perspective. Audits can be expensive, but a security breach can lose much more, especially in invaluable customer trust. Data breaches can also expose employee information, causing a business to implode from within.

With the shift to the cloud, virtual servers, and SaaS, businesses will also continue to outsource their security needs to third-party managed services that are included in their package and contract. This may be the most affordable option, but it does mean relying on outsiders to perform a pivotal role; however, depending on the terms of a contract, the legal responsibility for a breach may be left with the third party. At the end of the day, the company and its brand will shoulder the blame should a hack occur.

Network security that is accessible, reliable, stays current, and can be altered depending on a business’s changing needs is a necessity in 2018. Whether performed in-house or by a third party, the extra investment is worth the resulting protection, plus it can be used as a selling point to increase consumer confidence and one’s bottom line.+

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