5 tips to update your Resume and Linkedin


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When you apply for a new job opportunity, imagine what recruiters are looking at in candidates’ resumes and Linkedin profiles. If you ask yourself that, you are on the right track to prepare well and find your next f * cking job.

To give you a boost, we went for answers with Bruno Falcão da Triee , a company focused on preparing professionals for the new job market and which has already analyzed more than 2,500 resumes.

We have found out what and who recruiters are looking for and set out some tips for you:

1 Make or update your LinkedIn

If you don’t have a LinkedIn, you can go ahead and sign up now. If you have, but don’t update, the day has come for you to update the social network and start connecting with the people in your area.

The social network aimed at professionals has more than 500 million users and more than 10% of this staff is Brazilian. LinkedIn is widely used by recruiters, as you have seen here, and is seen as an online resume that everyone can access.

There you can connect with other professionals, including your experiences, publish articles and follow what your dream company is doing for your internal audience.

Small actions that show how much you are interested in keeping up to date (and companies take this a lot into account, believe me).

2 Curriculum content

If you are in doubt between an artistic and bold curriculum or a simple and traditional one, you can rest assured that Bruno guarantees that what really counts is the content. If the information is clear, organized and well written , the greater the chances that you will be able to stand out in the first screening.

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During the analysis of so many resumes, Bruno realized that many end up being extensive, with a lot of detailed information about each experience and, sometimes, they are not directed to the vacancy to which he was sent.

Here the tip is clear: if you have two areas of expertise, the recommendation is to produce two resumes. Separating experiences into topics and using keywords still makes it easier for recruiters to see.

3 What cannot be missing from the curriculum?

Now the tip that works for everyone, what you need to have in your resume in a very clear way so that you don’t get left behind when it comes to selection. Write it down:

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Activities of each experience: in addition to the function and place where you have worked, it is nice to have a brief description of what activity you performed.

Education: don’t forget to include the year of entry and graduation, the university and what course you took.
Basic information: we hope you don’t need to remember this one, but in any case, name and contact are essential for the recruiter to know how to talk to you.

Bruno still recommends careful with some information in the curriculum, the characteristics, for example, can be legal depending on the profile of the vacancy you are looking for, but keep in mind that some more traditional recruiters may not enjoy it so much.

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4 Share on LinkedIn

It took time to run on your LinkedIn and take a look at how the profile was, now you can check out more tips on how to take advantage of all the potential that this social network has to offer. And, of course, tell the world your potential.

You need to know that LinkedIn should be used when you are or are not employed. That’s right, even when you’re already in a job you should keep the network updated.

LinkedIn’s goal is precisely to generate knowledge and segmented networking , the consequence of which is an incredible opportunity.

The biggest tip you should take is that on the social network you must share your knowledge , publish articles about your area, interact with your connections, exchange ideas and make these actions a routine in your day to day.

If you are starting your career, want to upgrade your current career or are changing areas, Bruno is straightforward: stay visible and updated. Participate in events in your community and take courses that can add to your performance (then update everything on LinkedIn, see).

Bruno explains that q hen the professional has no experience, recruiters observe engagement. If the company does a test by sending a task to the professional, it is expected to be delivered on time. If he doesn’t know how to do it, recruiters expect a try and sincerity.

Making and delivering on time is highly valued in the work environment and is what recruiters look for for their teams.

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