Best Doctoral Business Programs


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A Doctor of Philosophy is awarded after students complete detailed research in their selected area of study. Some online PhD programs in business are offered internationally to scholars who have completed a Master’s degree program in the same field.

What is a Ph.D. in Business?

Through this program, scholars gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of their field of research and are able to implement ways of scientific research to its social and development impact. Each program, often, focuses on different material, but the different areas of focus include banking, accounting, finance, economics, consumer behavior, management, and marketing. Through thorough research and studies, learners are able to develop original findings, theories, and ideas that can be used in the business world.

Scholars who complete this degree, in most cases, benefit by gaining considerable knowledge in the business sector and can transfer the knowledge to companies. Most Ph.D. programs also offer learners the opportunity to gain experience, which improves their marketability while looking for jobs.

The tuition expenses that are required to get this degree vary depending on a number of considerations. The reputation and location of the higher learning institution and the overall duration of the program are the main considerations that affect overall expenses. Getting in touch with your school of choice directly is, often, the best way of finding out about financial expenses.

Learners who get their Ph.D. in business are ready to work in a number of careers. Scholars with high-level business skills can work well in public and private sector research institutions, and challenging development and executive positions in colleges and other institutions of higher learning. Additionally, given that these graduates are able to think critically and independently, some of them may decide to work in the business field as entrepreneurs.

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1. Doctoral Program in Business Administration

The Ph.D. in Business Administration program is designed for scholars who have a desire for innovation and research, a passion to make a significant difference in society through education. If you wish to gain considerable credibility and hope to become an expert in a particular field, this course will boost you tremendously. The program’s curriculum design provides an unrivaled focus on your growth, in addition to academic development. The program, designed by renowned experts and researchers, will enable you to begin the process as a systemic scholar through detailed research and further impact the society from an unprecedented cultural perspective.

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Below are some of the program highlights.

  • Your Ph.D. degree is completed in about 48 months
  • Renowned experts guide you through your research
  • Enjoy holistic development in areas such as emotional intelligence and confidence as well as scholarly knowledge
  • Conscious establishment of your credibility as a respected and reputable scholar.

2. Ph.D. in Business Finance

This intellectually stimulating and rigorous program focuses on advanced study in economics, finance, quantitative research methods, and statistics. At the end of this program, scholars will have the knowledge required to perform in-depth research in a particular are in finance such as asset pricing, market micro structure, and corporate finance. Due to the growing relevance of financial expertise in the global economy, learners who graduate from this program will be well skilled to tackle diverse careers in industry, academia, the public sector, and international organizations.

3. Ph.D. in Business Management

This program is highly competitive. It focuses on theoretical research with deep practical relevance. Students, under this program, must complete the recommended coursework, attend research seminars, and work in harmony with the Operations Management team.

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Additionally, students will have the opportunity to work with renowned scholars from different parts of the globe. This program is designed to place its learners in faculty positions in higher learning institutions, and administrative positions in the public sector, industry, and international organizations.

4. Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources

This program can equip its graduates with skills, knowledge, and abilities to complete demanding research in organizational behavior and human resources. The program offers hands-on training in research. Additionally, its stimulating curriculum focuses on the psychological foundations of human resources and organizational behavior, research methods, and statistics.

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