Cognitive Ability Test : Quick Tips and How to Use?


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To hire an expert with good skills and knowledge is never an easy task. But yes, it requires efforts and to make sure that you choose the best candidate, your organization needs to be equally qualified. That is the main reason why you must follow a process that would give quick results and that too without any kind of wrong hiring risk. Talking about the hiring solution, when it comes of personal interview no doubt it is the best thing to follow but it is also true that simply on personal judgements, it makes no sense to hire a candidate. You need to be sure about the skills and capabilities of the person whom you are intending to choose and that is when the right type of assessment platform can be helpful.

Quick tips that may help:

Come up with the strong assessment solution. For this, online platform is the best source. Since, technology advancement is making a good progress, it is always better for you to stay focused on what exactly are you looking for in a candidate.

Know different types of assessment solution. Right from aptitude test, psychometric till the technical round, you need to make a strong testing pattern which would not only give a better solution of hiring but also would help you compare amongst the potential candidate who apply for the job.

Use a good security for the assessment solution. Proctored tool is the right answer for this. Since, you will be hiring bulk number of candidate; there are high chances for the person to do cheating. But with proctored tool there are two things for which you can be rest assured. The first one would of course be the evaluation to be done irrespective of the location and secondly there is no scope for the candidate to even cheat once since the change in the windows or even a movement gets detected.

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Look for the investment that is worth the returns through the assessment platform that you create. For this, it is always better to make sure that you compare, get feedback and then review the test platform that you are intending to choose. This way, it would help you not just save the valuable time but also your money which of course is involved quite a lot in hiring a candidate and paying the salary for the same.

Know more about the Right testing platform:

Once, you start following the above mentioned test, you of course would have to come across the very first stage which would be the aptitude test. There are many options in aptitude test that you can make your choice from depending upon the level for which you are making the hiring.

Talking about the efficient aptitude test, there is a pattern called cognitive test which is designed to give the candidate potentiality and ability a new path for the concepts that may help your organization to grow. The test focuses on measuring the verbal, quantitative aptitude and reasoning skills which in today’s time is extremely important. The test is designed keeping the basic needs of the hiring requirements in mind especially for the interns and freshers.

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As per the research made by the top level management experts, such online cognitive test is one of the strongest predictors for the job performance. It is the best way by which you can measure the correlation co-efficiency. It measures the accuracy and also predicts at times the success that your organization is more likely to achieve by hiring such capable candidate. This way, once you make an investment in creating such type of test you are likely to get better results for quite a long span of time.

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How to use this type of test:

There is no hard and fast rule to use such type of test. Since, this assessment tool is the most effective one, you can make your baseline and target a lot stronger and compare its result as well. The focus of the test is to only shortlist the best performers and for this, you need to follow the given below instructions:

  • Make sure you assign the test to the candidates whom you have shortlisted as per the abilities they have mentioned in the CV
  • It is always important for you to review the reports to get a clear idea about the scoring and what can happen with the on job performance evaluation
  • The benchmark of this test is to compare the results of different candidate and then only you can move to the next step.
  • If your preferred candidate is not scored well then you can follow up some interviews or even choose the references checks
  • Make sure you don’t consider this test as the only sole option for hiring. Blend it with behavioural assessments to get valuable outcome.

While creating a strong mode of hiring, of course, at the initial level, you may need help of an expert who with good experience of his own can provide you with the possible outcome. Still making a research from your need equally matters the most and that is why, it is important that you focus on creating a strong test that would give you answers for all your queries with regards to candidate abilities, viewpoints, and the behavioural patterns, which is expected to be followed in the organization. So what are you waiting for? Start with your search today.

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