9 Gifts Your Favorite Geek Will Love


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When it comes to gifting, you can’t go wrong with a black bag for a fashionista or a classic novel for a bookworm. The suave businessman will always appreciate a bottle of whiskey, and artistic souls will love a demure fragrance.

But what about the geeks and the nerds? They are passionate about what they do and believe that no other mortal gets them. They are reticent when it comes to saying what they want for a gift and they will absolutely not come shopping with you.

So, gifting the geeks in your life can be quite a task, but the joy on their faces when they unwrap the ideal gift is priceless. In this post, we make this task a little easier for you by giving you some unique and interesting gift ideas for the adorable nerds and geeks in your life.

  1. Vintage Record Coasters

So, he just cannot get enough of the music of the golden days and talks about the gorgeous vinyl records of the bygone era all the time? We have the perfect gift for this music geek. Gift him a set or two of super sleek vintage record coaster sets. They come in lots of colors and designs. Pick his favorites and watch him beam, while nostalgia and happiness take over.

  1. Camera Caps

Is she the geeky sister who loves to be behind the lens rather than strike a few poses in front of it? Or is he the untrained-but-almost-expert photographer friend who never stops clicking? If such is the story of the geek in your life, gift them uber-cute lens caps that range from artistic and abstract to downright silly and funny. They will love you for thinking out-of-the-box while keeping their interest in mind.

  1. A Serious ‘What If’ Book

When it comes to your geek, the questions never stop, the curiosity is endless, and the hypothetical situations always seem unsurmountable. If the geek in your family or friend circle has a mind that would make Galileo and Einstein think twice, gift them a fertile imagination with a Randall Munroe ‘What if’ book and watch them get engrossed in it for at least a few hours.

On a more serious note though, Randall Munroe’s strange questions and incredibly logical explanations are sure to stimulate nerds who just can’t get enough of language, literature, science, technology, and math, and feel passionately towards their subject. Your nerd will definitely enjoy the hilarity and clarity with which Munroe approaches every absurd question, and leaves them to ponder further over the hypothetical.

  1. The Batman Gadget Pen

Most of us have that one friend, cousin, or sibling who is a Batman aficionado and has dialogues from the comics and movies on their fingertips. If you’re done gifting them Batman t-shirts and other merchandise, get them this gem of a pen.

A ballpoint-pen that writes as smoothly as the Bat mobile moves and bears the iconic batman symbol is all you need to become your Batman-obsessed nerd’s favorite person. But that’s not all it has to offer. This pen is a cross-head screwdriver, smart phone stylus, and ruler in one compact device. Could we ask for more?

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  1. Headphones

Geeks live in a parallel universe sometimes. From staying immersed in the Star Wars world to knowing about the discovery of every new particle in the universe, nerds enjoy keeping tabs on everything. While they love most kinds of tech trinkets, one thing that you simply cannot go wrong with is a pair of cool headphones.

From swanky wireless headphones and powerful skull-candy crushers to hand painted galaxy earphones and glow-in-the-dark headphones, there is a world out there that you can explore when it comes gifting your adorable nerd.

  1. The All-In-One Breakfast Center

If your nerd is a food junkie, think no more beyond the All-in-one Breakfast Center. Bread-toasted, eggs-scrambled, sausages-grilled, coffee-brewed, and a great breakfast is ready! It’s the perfect gift for geeks who like to begin their day with a hearty breakfast, but often feel pressed for time to begin their morning on a vibrant and healthy note.

This breakfast center allows you to prepare a delicious breakfast in no times as it performs all the breakfast-making functions simultaneously. Now what could make your nerd happier than being happily fed?

  1. The Control-Alt-Delete Cup Set

Know someone whose day hasn’t begun until they have gulped down three cups of coffee? Does your geek’s day not end until they have sat before the computer for a good ten hours? Make their lives a little better by gifting them this charming three-cup set. The Control-Alt-Delete set is a super cute gift for the geek who is always glued to the computer. These cups work well across temperatures and resonate perfectly with tech geeks. And they are dishwasher-friendly too! Pure fun and perfection!

  1. A Telescope

There are certain gifts no one will appreciate more than a nerd. A telescope is one of them. For star gazers and the celestial wanderers, a telescope is the perfect gift. Not only will your geek feel extremely special on receiving this valuable gift, but they will also think about you every time they sees the stars. Now isn’t this something you want them to associate you with?

  1. The Hovering Bluetooth Speaker

It can’t be denied that the nerd universe is all sorts of awesome. And by gifting them a hovering Bluetooth speaker, you are about to take things to a whole new level of cool. Gift this levitating Bluetooth speaker that spins magically over its magnetic base to that nerd friend of yours who is all out there to break stereotypes, and considers himself or herself a serious intellectual bad ass.

To ‘Wrap’ It Up

We now have you covered to pick up some incredibly cool gifts for that dear nerd in your life. Browse through these unbelievable options (you can thank us later) and make gifting more fun. Also, if there is other cool stuff you come across that can get the nerds in our life to beam with joy, do mention it in the comments section. We are waiting to hear from you.

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