10 Tips to Better Manage your Google Accounts


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When you create a Gmail, Google Plus or other account, you may not know it, but you finally create a Google account that gives you access to all the services of the American giant. If each service has its own tips, Google accounts are no exception to the rule. Learn how to sign in to multiple accounts at the same time, manage the activity recorded by services, and learn how to better secure your Google Account.

1 Multi-account sign-in on Gmail, Google Plus, Calendar …

Google allows you to be connected to multiple accounts at the same time, on many services. It’s possible to use 10 different Google accounts simultaneously, on multiple tabs for example, without logging out! The feature can be very convenient, especially to send mails from multiple addresses via Gmail. Just two clicks to switch between two separate Google Accounts! Multi-account sign-in is available on PC versions of many services: Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Plus, Google Maps, YouTube … Tools that do not support multi-client management use by default the first account connected during the session.

Whatever the service used, you must first be connected to a “main” account. Then, just click on their name (or email address), located in the upper right corner of any Google tool, then click on “Add Account”. Once connected via two distinct identifiers, you will only have to click again on your name to change your account.


2 The Google Dashboard, to manage all services

3 Control your Google Account activity

On this page dedicated to the activity of your Google account, are collected many statistics and other information about you. This allows you to know the connection locations of your account, browsers and operating systems used. Changes related to authentication are also listed (changing a password, adding a service using your account …). Statistics from your Gmail, Google Calendar, and YouTube accounts are also repatriated, and you have access to your personal history.

Google allows you to receive a monthly summary of its activity. To activate it, simply click on the small gear located in the upper right corner.

If you detect unusual activity found on your Activity Report, or through active connections visible on Gmail , there are solutions. Google provides Internet users with a page devoted to suspicious activities that explains how to protect themselves from possible any international connections. You can also change your password and choose a more secure one.

4 Remove apps access to Google Account

On social networks, it is common to allow an  application to access its private data . A regular spring cleaning can restore a little serenity. On Google, the principle is the same, but the interface is less visible. You must visit this  page to edit these permissions . It is also possible to set a specific password for the applications.


5 Securing your Google Account with two-step verification

Two-step identification makes it easier to secure your Google Account. With simple authentication, you must enter your password to log in. The two-step connection adds the input of a validation code, received via SMS. This method can slow down the connection process, but can add additional security that may be essential. Note that it is also possible to obtain the validation code by voice message.

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Google does however provide a number of parades, in case your phone is not available: we think of a trip abroad, for example, or a trip by plane. You can generate one or more unique activation codes to login in these cases. And if you lose your phone, it will still be possible to connect to a previously authenticated terminal. For these user-defined devices, identification is only subject to password entry; this speeds up the process on these devices and retains recourse in case of change, loss, theft or unavailability of the phone.

Finally, if you have an Android smartphone, an iPhone or a Blackberry, you can download a dedicated application to generate an authentication code. Once installed,


6 Recover a Google Account

To recover a lost account (password forgotten, Google account hacked …), the site offers many options, to configure before losing the account, of course! Once the feature has been set up, you will be able to be identified by Google in different ways, in order to benefit from a new password: phone, recovery email address, secondary, and / or secret question.

7 Download your data with Google Takeout

By using the Google tools, you put online a lot of data: your photos on Picasa, your contacts on Gmail and Google Plus … You can choose to retrieve this information by going to this page dedicated to downloading data . Only not all services are available: you will usually have to go to the settings of each of the other tools to download the data related to these services.

9 Delete a Google Account

If you no longer want to use your Google Account, you can close it. This removes de facto all your access to different Google services … except Adsense (the tool has its own account deletion form, so it is possible to separate from a Google account while retaining access to Adsense). The tool will invite you to confirm that you want to close your entire account, as well as access to all related services (Gmail, YouTube …).


10 Delete a Google service associated with your account

The interaction between Google services is often beneficial, but also sometimes criticized: some people do not like, for example, that a Google Plus profile is automatically generated when you create a Gmail account. But do not panic: it is possible to remove each service related to his account to keep only those that are really useful. There are several solutions: in some cases, you can use the Dashboard  ; if the feature is not available here for the desired service, you can go directly to the settings of each service to close them one by one. Finally, Google allows everyone to disable Google Plus  (you can permanently delete the contents of your account or if you prefer, all of your public profile).

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