4 Major Benefits of Email Marketing in 2017


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A lot of people are surprised to hear that even in the year 2017 email marketing is alive and kicking. Even with all the latest trends like voice-driven SEO, chatbots, live stream and data visualization, email marketing still remains a method that gives an incredible ROI. With this in mind, here are four major benefits of email marketing that will leave you wondering why you ever thought this technique to be obsolete in the first place.

Email marketing

1.      It targets the low-hanging fruits

One of the reasons email marketing is so effective is due to the fact that your email list probably contains people who are already interested in your brand. These people are the so-called qualified leads or the low-hanging fruits. Regardless of the terminology you use to describe them, this group doesn’t require much convincing in order to become regular customers.

Another great thing that this particular method can be used for is targeting people who have already purchased from you and coming out with a brand new offer. The reason why this is particularly effective is due to the fact that a person who purchased from you once already has a 27 percent chance of returning, even if you don’t do anything to re-engage them.

2.      Email marketing is cost-efficient

You should also keep in mind the fact that email marketing is one of the most cost-efficient marketing techniques out there. Compared to all the traditional means of marketing, you don’t pay any kind of fee and you are free to send an email to anyone you want. Even if you decide to go one step further and direct a video content for your email marketing campaign or pay for a premium email signature generator, you are still bound to face an overwhelmingly positive ROI.

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3.      Perfect implementation of CTA button

The next massive advantage of email marketing is the fact that it gives you an incredibly effective implementation of the CTA button. In other words, you can create an environment in which your customers make a purchase by just making several clicks after opening your email. This allows you to exploit the notion of impulse buying at an unprecedented level. On the other hand, implementing an adequate CTA button is both science and art. The choice of the right colour, a proper use of action verbs and the length of the text above all influence the probability that your customer will make a purchase.

To see just how deep this rabbit hole goes, just take a look at the statistic that a red CTA button has a 21% greater CTR (click-through rate) than its green counterpart. Moreover, emails with a single CTA button have a 371% greater CTR and 1617% higher sales rates. In no other area of marketing can such a small change make such a drastic difference.


4.      Easy to track

In the end, one of the greatest businessmen of all times John Wannamaker once stated that although he knows half the money he spends on the marketing is wasted, he can never know which half. With an email marketing, this is absolutely not true. Not only can you easily track the click-through rate but a conversion rate, as well. This kind of insight can be crucial in any further improvement you decide to implement into your email marketing strategy.


From all the above-mentioned, it becomes more than clear that email marketing is here to stay. Even with the increased popularity of IM platforms, email is still seen as a more of a professional field and any offer that comes through this channel has a greater shot at being seriously considered. Nonetheless, in the past, the landscape of digital marketing has greatly evolved, which made email marketing evolve, as well. Like everything else, it became more mobile friendly and this seems to be the direction it will stay on in the following period.

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