4 Mobile Trends that Every Small Business Should Follow


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Noticeable rise in the sales of smartphones and tablets signify the importance of utilizing these small screen devices for businesses to increase profits. One can imagine the popularity of these devices after watching the substantial decrease in the sales of laptops and desktops. The importance of smartphones can be further understood from a press release published by Gartner,

According to a press release published in Gartner’s newsroom (the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company) documenting the significant rise in the volume of transactions made via mobile devices, which will continue to increase from $163 billion in 2012 to $721billion in 2017. This massive increase of more than 5 billion in transactions send out businesses very strong signals to incorporate mobile payment methods for their customers. In addition to incorporating payment systems, businesses started delivering mobile content to educate potential customers along with location-based services for better customer engagement.

These findings make it necessary for businesses to follow mobile technology trends not only to increase their profits, but to also get in touch with their customers on the go.

This shows learning to incorporate mobile technology has become necessary for all businesses irrespective of their size and nature.

Respect and reward mobile relationship with your clients

People widely use smartphones across the world. It becomes a sacred device individuals love carrying all the time. As you are making purposeful efforts to convey your message to existing and potential customers, you don’t want to spoil their mood with after sending them spam messages and emails. Respect users who have opted for email, push notes and text messages. Generally, users feel happy if they receive promotions notifications and news about exciting events and special offers. Avoid sending messages on daily basis about shopping reminders, superb warranties and warnings showing time is running out to avail some offer or so on. You may share this information if necessary on the checkout page.

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Develop a mobile friendly website with a responsive design

Instead of creating a separate website for a small screen, go for a responsive website design. As it will give a better user experience. When it comes to design a mobile friendly website, you may opt anyone among the two design approaches that include simple templates capable of working on all devices and responsive templates. Irrespective of the design approach you use, make sure that website should be able to adjust and evolve according to the device. Also, don’t forget to incorporate the responsive feature in your email, as users prefer checking their emails on phone instead of laptop and desktop computers.

Avoid using complex web design

Consider small screens of smartphones and tablets. No matter how much time and efforts you have invested in making your design responsive, it will fail to engage the users if your website appears cluttered with content. Ideally, a website or app should guide customers effortlessly without distracting their mind. Reduce the content or hide it in the side menu. The navigation menu should be uncomplicated and include logical options inside. Don’t eliminate white sufficient white space between the buttons to ensure smooth navigation experience to visitors. They should not face any difficulties to move from one page to other without landing on the wrong page.

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Keep mobile payment option simple

When it comes to making online payments, it’s hard to beat the results of desktop computers. Ecommerce website still works best on big screens. However, in upcoming days, a new trend of mobile commerce sales is expected to resolve this issue. All you need to do is to ask your app or web developer to simplify the payment process by eliminating secondary features and checkpoints from the design. Design the shopping process with minimum clicks and remove maximum barriers between item and shipment of the item. Now a day cloud-based software help developers to automate payment and shipment features in a website or an app. This facilitates customers to select, buy and choose shipment method for the products directly from their mobile in just a few clicks.

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Adapt mobile only version

Mobile only apps have become so popular after showing tremendous success and advantages for the businesses that have adopted them. Entrepreneurs can’t neglect the challenges associated with these apps. However, businesses who adopted new trends quickly will reap the benefits in contrast to those who make unnecessary delays to follow trends. Snapchat and Instagram are the two examples of mobile-only platforms, which can benefit businesses after partnering with visible social influencers in accordance with their brand. These influencers sign contracts and promote products and services among the target audience and charge a percentage from profits earned. Instagram also offer paid ads like Facebook that are surprisingly effective. It has been observed 75% of Instagram user take direct actions as soon as they watch a relevant ad.

Final words:

Mobile technology trends are efficiently making businesses faster after enabling entrepreneurs to complete business actions in a short time frame, which finally reduce the business operational cost.


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