5 Differences between a Personal Profile and a Fan Page on Facebook


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If you are reading this article, it is likely that you wonder if it would be convenient to have business facebook, in addition to your personal profile. There are many reasons why Facebook (FB) is one of the most used social networks. And if this great amount of possibilities, we add an update and continuous improvement, it is easy to understand why Facebook is positioned as the number one social network worldwide, not only over networks of the same style as hi5 and Myspace, ¿? remember them ?, but of giants like YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, according to the study “Digital in 2018: Q3 Global Digital Statshot” conducted by We are Social and Hootsuite companies.


On the other hand, according to data from Hubspot, a study from 2017 revealed that 74% of users used Facebook for business. And this is where things become interesting, since by June 2018, fb had 1.47 billion active users daily, and 2.23 billion monthly worldwide, according to data from the same source. INDEX

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  • They will find you searchers
  • Unlimited followers
  • Marketing for business Facebook
  • Multiple administrators
  • Professional image
  • Do you want to create your Facebook for business?

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Do you have an idea of ​​the number of people who use this social network for professional or commercial purposes? According to the INEGI, in Mexico, 76.6% of the population in 2017 was already active in social networks. With such figures, it is no surprise that today, many users try to promote your business through your personal Facebook account. However, many of them ignore that doing this limits many of their opportunities.

And there is a more appropriate option: the fan pages that are the equivalent of Facebook for companies, are designed to enhance all types of marketing tactics, from attracting followers, to make purchases. For this reason, in the we tell you the differences between a personal profile and a fan page, which will be useful to decide the profile you want for your business and the results you can expect.

1 Search engines will find you

When you promote your business from your personal Facebook profile, you are visible only to your friends within this social network. If someone searches for you in google, it will be difficult to find you, and worse, to follow you and even contact you. While, if you spread through fan page facebook, search engines like Google, index your content, and put them on the list of results, so anyone who is looking to know more about your brand, has great chances of finding you.

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2 Unlimited followers

Another difference between a personal profile and a fan page is that in the first the number of friends you can have is limited to 5,000. If you want to promote your products and services to more people, you should send them a friendship request and they should accept you, which may take time and maybe only to realize that you want to sell something, causing many to eliminate you, without even giving you an eye your offers.

On the other hand, when you create a facebook page for companies, you do not have a limited number of followers. In fact, your publications can be seen by anyone, and it is enough to have a “like” to your page so that they can follow all your updates. In addition, your reach is much greater if we consider that anyone can “tag” another person in your publications.

3 Marketing for business Facebook


You will not find anything more useful when it comes to analyzing and setting objectives. If you create a facebook profile companies, you will get free statistics tools and many possibilities for analyzing the content you publish: the number of visits to your profile, how many have seen your post or which days and times are the most traffic. In addition, it gives you information about your followers such as age, city, devices they use, etc. With this, your publishing strategy can be more precise: you will know what the people of your brand like, how and when to publish it.

It also gives you the option to generate ads to reach audiences with a very specific profile and interests, and with great potential to become your customers, through Facebook ads. And on how to do it, do not worry, there are many options to create publicity on social networks. Do not get overwhelmed by the budget, there is no minimum or maximum, you decide how much to invest and the time of your campaigns.

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Another useful tool of your fanpage is the use of “tabs” or independent tabs, in which you can include additional and valuable content for your business: promotions, your corporate video, photos of your products or registration forms. And if your followers live in the same location where your business is, they can see your location data, opening and closing times, if you have parking and even the payment methods you use.

4 Multiple administrators

Another difference between a personal profile and a fan page is that in the latter you do not have to be the only one to manage the page, unlike the first one.

It is understandable that people who manage their business through their own account, at some point feel pressured by the workload, and to help a little, allow access to people they trust. This does not happen in a personal profile, where there is no way to control what someone can do, and what does not, so that all the responsibility of the page lies with who accesses.

The possibility of delegating specific tasks to each administrator, taking advantage of their individual talent and defining what actions they can perform within the page, is a key factor to boost your business, through corporate Facebook.  

5 Professional Image

“Work should not be turned around with the personal” Does it sound like? It is always advisable to separate personal matters, from business, and Facebook is not saved from this.

It is normal to use your fb to share your ideas or experiences, discuss with your friends, or even to distract yourself a little and relieve yourself of the stress of the job. So the fact of using the same profile of Facebook with intentions of sale or professionals, desencaja a little with your social circle. In addition, it will give you an unprofessional image, since your clients can see at all times the content you publish, the pages you follow, the friends you interact with and even the photos of your last party. The ideal is to establish barriers and know how to delimit the different areas of activities.

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In this article we try to summarize some of the differences between a personal profile and a fan page, in only 5 points. You will see that each one has its benefits and perhaps disadvantages, but it is up to you to properly manage each one, depending on the objectives of your business.

Do you want to create your Facebook for business?

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