5 Google Android Apps even Consider “Hidden Treasures”


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The group has chosen the best Android apps 2018, including five of them, a very special appreciation. They are real insider tips

Google has chosen its favorite apps for this year. Among them are according to official statement even five “hidden treasures”. These are “new to the scene and quietly build their fanbase”.

These are Google’s 5 favorite Android apps 2018

The highly acclaimed applications cover a very broad range of topics. Including an AR app and a kind of diary for dreams.

# 1: Slowly: Find penpals (free)

This app brings together people who are looking for penpals. Not only does she try visually to imitate the feeling of a proper pen pal. Also, the sending of messages takes longer accordingly, as soon as the distance between the two persons is greater.

# 2: Unfold: Make your own story (for free)

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With Unfold you should be able to create very easy Fotokollagen thanks to various templates. According to the manufacturer, the app is intended as a kind of toolkit for storytellers.

# 3: Just A Line: Paint yourself in AR (free)

With Just A Line, according to the developers, you can overlay everything you see on your smartphone in reality with your own drawings. This basically creates your own Augmented Reality (AR). You can share the pictures as a video or make them together with your friends.

# 4: Luci: Record your dreams (costs 1.39 euros)

If you have lucid dreams, so in the dream you realize that you are sleeping and actively influencing it then you can capture your impressions with Luci. The app also has a sound-activated sleep recorder in case you should talk during the dream.

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# 5: I’m sewing myself! (free)

This app is a kind of access to the community of sewing enthusiasts. You can talk to others, present your projects, get inspiration or use tools that I sew myself! provides to organize your needlework.

In the Google Play Store, you can find the five Android apps at a glance. By the way, the platform had its birthday recently. The most popular apps since launching the Google Play Store 2008 might interest you as well.

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