5 Social Media Tools To Enhance Your Digital Marketing Strategy


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Digital marketing is one of the industries that never stops. It persistently evolves new growth channels, latest strategies and techniques for marketing and even new customer acquisition tactics. All of this evokes various online business owners and marketers to hire digital marketing experts to upgrade their business and make it visible.

In the current era, the social web is growing vigorously and has become a robust platform for marketing. For the effective promotion of your products and services, no method is more effective than social network marketing. With the revolution of various new channels and formats, the social media has grown to a top-notch way to find a potential audience.
As you are aware of the fact that “time is money”, marketing on the social web is not at all time consuming as a plethora of information gets exchanged with just a click.

If you are planning to use this platform to enhance your marketing strategy, here are top 8 social media tools that may help you out:

#1. Canva
As a marketer, you do not have to use great imagery with great content to spread the word on the social web. Decent and eye-pleasing simple imagery can work well. To design aesthetically appealing visuals, no tool does a greater job than Canva.
Quickly and easily make high-quality imagery by using a bunch of sizing options. Pick a background color, upload logos and images to make the output attractive. With free elements and free registration, you can save your designs online.

#2. Edgar
Have you ever wondered how many of your users and followers are reading your content? Well, now you can do so and much more with the help of tool Edgar. It makes you realize a simple fact which every marketer or online business owner should know:
Reposting content on a blog will not change anything and only a small fraction of followers will see it, no matter how good it is. In that case, reposting content on social media is a good option and for that, Edgar is always ready. With this tool, you can classify your content and customize the settings.
Whenever you are out of new content in a particular segment, it will automatically re-share old content and start from the beginning.

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#3. Buzzsumo
To make social web marketing successful, sharing potential and pertinent social content, sometimes not yours is one of the keys. Finding relevant content online can be a little daunting but Buzzsumo makes it quite easy and effective.

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It helps in finding most popular content according to your industry. There are two ways to make use of Buzzsumo.

  • First is to look for a popular content by using the keyword. You can choose various filters like imagery, infographics, videos, etc. and find most popular content from the past year, past month, past week and even past day.
  • Secondly, you can view your competitor’s popular social content by typing their domain. After viewing the content, you can gain a crisp and clear picture of what kind of content truly echoes with your target audience.

#4. AdParlor
Suppose you created a masterpiece and want to post it on famous social sites but without hampering word count or visual quality, how will you do? A great social media marketing strategy can be using a tool AdParlor which is capable of making free mockups of your creation for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
As a marketer, you can choose from various ways to watch the ad on different platforms. In the form of the news feed on Facebook and in the form of video and carousel on Instagram. It is an ideal way to make copies and post online.

#5. Sprout Social
Many of online business owners wish for one software which can perform all tasks and they could focus on improving digital marketing strategies. For people like those, Sprout Social is the best contender. It is complete, simple, user-friendly, all-in-one social media management tool. With this, you can monitor your content on all major networks at one place and even reply them through a message panel.

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So, here we are! If you are creatively passionate about your business and are fully committed towards social media marketing strategies, you can either hire a professional digital marketing company India or use these five tools that will only take your campaign higher and higher.

Author Bio – Sid Garg is an SEO and SMO specialist at Mind Digital Group with years of experience of the domain. He consults and guide brands on planning, execution and implementation of social media consulting Services to help them with drive more traffic.


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