6 New Trends of Instagram Marketing


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In Instagram marketing , it is more true than ever that “or move, or expire.” After all, we are talking about a network that already has 800 million active users, continues to grow faster than ever and does not stop incorporating news at the same accelerated pace.

If you keep doing the same as always on Instagram, you’ll stay behind and see how your interaction and conversion figures go down. But if you are able to keep up, the benefits will multiply. So update your Instagram application to the latest available version (if you have not already done so) and do not miss these 6 Instagram Instagram trends.

1) Promoted post

In March 2018, Instagram announced a series of changes in its algorithm so that users receive more quality and new content in their feed. But the result is that the organic reach of the brand posts fell.

Does it sound? Yes, it’s the same thing that had already happened on Facebook. And the solution is the same: bet on using posts promoted strategically in your Instagram marketing to ensure that your brand continues to reach the audience that interests you most.

To know which are the publications that you should promote, give a good review of your metrics and look for the most popular posts. To encourage interaction, always include relevant hashtags in the promoted publications.

2) Instagram purchases

If you have an e-commerce, you can not miss this trend of Instagram Marketing .

The Instagram Shopping feature allows users to see information about a product and can decide to buy it without leaving this network. Is that how it works:

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The publications that have affordable products will be identified with the icon of a white bag or with a pop-up with the indication “touch to see the products”.

Users can see product descriptions and price information without leaving Instagram.
To finish the purchase, click on the button “Buy now”.

The first data on this function are very promising: for example, the clothing store Lulus discovered that almost 33% of users who consulted the product information ended up visiting their e-commerce.

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3) Live streaming

Instagram has also joined the trend of live videos, and rightly so. Instagram Live is a great way to connect with your audience and solve their doubts in real time.

Do not know how to start with live videos on Instagram? Here are some ideas: demonstrations of product use, how-to videos of your events, exclusive content, contests …

4) The micro influencers

It’s no secret that Instagram is the ideal network for influencer marketing . But traditionally these types of strategies have focused on users with hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers.

Instead, this trend of Instagram Marketing is committed to targeting users with a base of between 1,000 and 10,000 followers. The reason is that they usually have a much more direct and personal relationship with their audience and therefore result in better conversion rates.

The figures do not lie: according to a study by Influencer Marketing Days, campaigns with megainfluencers gave rise to more than 300 shares, 1000 “likes” and 5 sales. In contrast, the microinfluencers achieved much lower interaction figures (less than 10 shares and less than 100 “likes”), but the sales figures were more than 20 times higher.

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5) Instagram Stories

Since its opening in 2017, Instagram Stories have become one of the star formats for users, to the point that its popularity exceeds that of Snapchat.

For brands, this format is a great opportunity to show your most human side and connect with your audience like never before. In addition, thanks to the Story Highlights function , its duration does not have to be limited to 24 hours.

6) The augmented reality filters

This is another of the new features that allow Instagram to compete with Snapchat. The operation is very similar to the Lenses of Snapchat: you can put on glasses, become a rabbit, wear a crown …

In addition to encouraging the fun factor and interactivity of your posts, there are rumors that Instagram could start allowing custom branded filters in the near future (just like Snapchat did in its day). We’ll be alert!

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