How to share the WiFi network password using QR Codes


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If you want to have a QR code ready at home so that the guests do not take practically anything to connect to the Internet, follow the advice that we discussed in our new video.

There we explain what the website does , capable of generating a QR code with the data of your network, including the password, with the option to export the code in PNG or send it directly to the printer.

To read the generated code you just have to have a suitable reader on your mobile. There are dozens, but on the web they recommend some specific ones. Be that as it may, most new phones already allow these codes to be read with some function native to the camera software.

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The idea of ​​having a QR code with the information of the network is not new, the events have been using something like that for years, but it is difficult to find it in the houses, so we encourage you to try it to avoid spelling a huge amount of characters to each of the people who enter the weekend parties.

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