Why Facebook sell user data?

Facebook loses trust and tries to save itself.


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Facebook explains why other companies could read your private messages. The reasoning does not convince all critics.

Facebook is once again in the criticism. Now the company is resisting the latest allegations. In a blog post, the social network takes a stand against the allegations of having sold user data to companies such as Spotify or Netflix.

This is how other companies can read your Facebook messages

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According to a New York Times report, it has been revealed that more than 150 companies are able to read your Facebook messages . And this is how it works: If you send songs to your Facebook friends via Spotify, you allow the company, consciously or unconsciously, read and write access. In addition to Spotify, Facebook also sold your data to, for example, Amazon, Netflix or Microsoft.

According to the online giants, these interfaces were only intended to allow users to connect to their Facebook friends on other platforms. In addition, the data was activated only after a previous registration on the respective page. However, critics argue that, for example, information was passed on by friends without their consent.

Facebook does not change

The new allegations are another blow to Facebook. The company is at the latest after the scandal with Cambridge Analytica massively in the criticism. No wonder that more and more people delete their Facebook account . After all, Facebook is still only taking the smallest steps towards data protection – if anything, as the last example shows.

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