WordPress 5.0 is close to its final release


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There is less left for the arrival of the new stable version of WordPress 5.0 . From Automatic have chosen to offer a sufficient period of time to the first classic version, which has just been launched , to be sufficiently proven.WordPress 5.0 is close to its final release

In this regard, they will soon announce the final release date. Those who dare to try it, have two options : use the WordPress Beta Tester plugin or install the classic version, which can be downloaded in a zip file.

The two big features of the new version, or in other words, the two most important Options, are the launch of the new post editor based on blocks, known as Gutenberg, with which they hope to offer an optimized editing experience, and have a Twenty Nineteen as the new default theme , which is completely flexible and functional for a wide variety of websites that you want to develop.

From new update understand that there will still be users who need some extra time to adopt the new editor of posts by blocks . That is why they recommend the use of the Classic Editor plugin within WordPress 5.0 .

In addition to these changes, the new WordPress 5.0 will be compatible with PHP 7.3 , and updates the previous default themes so that they can work under the new block editor . It also allows improvements in the accessibility of publications thanks to the ability to save ARIA tags on posts and pages .

From Automatic they also address the developers of themes and plugins to test their developments under the new version of WordPress, to correct the problems they may encounter, being able to count on the support team in case of needing extra help.

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Download -> Download and test WordPress 5.0 Release Candidate

WordPress 5.0 Release Candidate can now be loaded as follows:

What’s new in WordPress 5.0 Release Candidate?

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Version 5.0 includes the following enhancements and enhancements:

Block Editor (Gutenberg)

  • WordPress 5.0 introduces the new block editor (Gutenberg). It should provide more flexibility in the presentation of content and is already being tested on many websites.
  • If you still need time for the conversion, you can install the Plug-In Classic Editor. This will continue to use the classic editor after updating to WordPress 5.0.

Theme Twenty Nineteen

  • Twenty Nineteen is the new theme of WordPress 5.0, it offers custom styles for the blocks that are available by default in 5.0. Twenty Nineteen is designed to work with a variety of use cases. Whether you’re running a photoblog, starting a new business, or supporting a nonprofit organization, Twenty Nineteen is flexible enough to meet your needs.

In addition, some minor changes have been made, including:

  • All previous standard themes, from Twenty Ten to Twenty Seventeen, have been updated to support the block editor.
  • You can improve the accessibility of the content you write, as simple ARIA labelscan be stored in posts and pages.
  • WordPress 5.0 officially supports the upcoming version of PHP 7.3: If you are using an older version, it is recommended to update PHP on your website.
  • Developers can now use the new JavaScript language packsto add translatable strings directly to their JavaScript code.
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Plugin and Theme Developer

  • Plugin and Theme developers are invited to test their themes and plugins with WordPress 5.0 and to update the “Tested with” in the Readme file to version 5.0.


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