10 Style Tips on How to Wear Kimonos


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Kimonos are timeless, beautiful, and elegant, and they can be a versatile part of your wardrobe. Remember, this doesn’t need to be a traditional Japanese kimono. Many stores sell kimono style tops and floral dresses. Here are 10 fun ways to work a floral kimono to elevate your look.


If you’re going to a traditional Japanese wedding or other formal event, you’ll be right at home wearing a kimono. You might want to check with the hosts to make sure you’re being respectful to the setting and the culture. Once you get the go-ahead, embrace this lovely and meaningful garment.

However, this might not be an everyday, go-to outfit for you, so consider the some of the fun ideas below.


In your everyday life, a lightweight kimono can work as a great spring coat. Belt it closed to complete the look. Just make sure the kimono pattern doesn’t clash with the rest of your outfit. Unless you’re feeling particularly daring, and then by all means, mix and match your patterns. After all, it’s your style!

Over Leggings or Jeans

Try a brightly colored kimono over black leggings or skinny jeans. Include a cute solid-colored camisole or light cotton tee shirt, so you can wear the kimono open or tied closed, and you’re all set to go conquer the day.

You can also wear your kimono on top of a mono-colored turtleneck dress to stay warm and fashionable.

Short Kimono

Kimonos come in different lengths. Try a short one as a cute dress—just make sure it’s fastened all around. You can accentuate the look with your favorite belt, and in the cooler weather, pair your kimono dress with tights and cute booties.

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Accessorize with long gold chains and fun earrings to complete the outfit.

Beach Cover Up

Kimonos can work as terrific beach or pool cover-ups. Find one that’s easily washable, and it will be a staple in your beach bag. You’re sure to outshine the other beach-goers in their oversized tee-shirt cover-ups.

Elegant Bathrobe

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You can look awesome while lounging around the house if you use a stylish kimono as a bathrobe. It’s particularly helpful when you have houseguests and want to maintain a modest, but casual atmosphere.

You might consider providing kimono bathrobes for your guests to use. It’s a friendly, welcoming touch that they’re sure to appreciate.


Remember the short kimono option? Well, you can wear one as a jacket. You’ll find that it’s appropriate for most offices and dinner dates. Depending on the formality of your event and the formality of your kimono jacket, you’ll find you can wear it many places. More importantly, you can wear it from the office to dinner. No need to go home and change. The kimono jacket is truly versatile.


If a higher neckline is more flattering to you, wear the kimono top backwards. It’s an easy trick for making any kimono more suited to you and your personality. Wear a cami underneath and make sure the back is fastened well.

If you’re going to wear a backwards kimono top often, you should consider having a tailor add easy snaps or a hidden zipper, so you won’t need to worry about the back coming open. That will make your go-to outfit even easier to go to.

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Airline Wrap

if you need a little extra warmth on a flight, bring along a kimono. They’re easy to carry and easy to pack. Keep one in your carry-on for the times when the airplane is too cool for your taste. This will also work in a chilly movie theater, office, or concert hall. And because kimonos come in different fabrics, you can pick the weight and warmth that is just right for you.

Wrap Dress

A kimono works very well as a wrap dress because that’s sort of what it is. You can keep as many or as few of the traditional elements as you want, and you can tailor almost any kimono into a useful and beautiful wrap dress that you’ll love and wear often.

Varied Kimonos

Kimonos and kimono style tops are as varied and diverse as you want them to be. You can accessorize with belts and jewelry that complement or contrast with the traditional kimono style and easily make them your own.

Kimonos are a fun and adaptable part of any wardrobe. You can keep the flowy elements or make adjustments so the kimono is the most flattering to your figure and style. Because of this, it’s worth investing in several kimonos, so you always have one that’s just right for your mood and the occasion.

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