7 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Kid’s Birthday


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Birthdays are special. They are, without doubt, the best days of a child’s life. So, celebrations should be such that little ones feel pampered and privileged. Every effort should be made to make the day memorable.

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No need to try those oft-repeated party ideas when you can easily have some cheap and funs way to celebrate the big day. Whatever plans you choose have to delight your child apart from being reasonable on the wallet. The best way would be to make fun the focus and let your kids feel the special day and make it as memorable as possible.

Try some of these fun ways to celebrate your kid’s birthday –

1 Wake your child up to a pleasing sight

Fun and specialness should begin right from the moment the birthday child wakes up in the morning. You can make this happen by sneaking into their room the night before and fitting in whatever you want the child to wake up to. You can either cover the floor with balloons, or decorate the wall with the favorite cartoon or superman characters to make be surprised.

3 Have a birthday crown ready for them to wear

Put your creativity to use and get a cute little birthday crown ready for your child. Make sure they wear it at meals and feel special. You can also put up a big birthday banner in the living room giving them ample reason to pump up for the day and look forward to celebrations.

4 Make their breakfast look special

Make their breakfast look special

You have to set up the breakfast nicely so that the child feel good. Try to make the serving special even if the same breakfast is on offer. Naturally, you should prepare their favorite breakfast and let them revel in the specialness of the day. Or, you can let them choose what they want to eat on their birthday.

5 Take the party and celebrations outside

Kids are outdoorsy. So, take the party and celebrations outside and double the joy. Call over their friends and make them play some games. You could arrange for water games, mud games or long jump among kids and make them have a great time in the open. You can serve them chocolates, cake and cola there itself and let the fun keep rolling all day long.

7 Measure their heights

This exercise should on the must-do list every day when you celebrate birthday of your child. You can start the day with this simple yet fun-filled work and make your kids known how much they have grown in the past one year. This way, you can stir their interest in measuring their height as then they would eagerly look forward to this very act in the hope of getting some reward. Needless to say, you can give some rewards for every inch of growth the child has taken in the past year.

These are some simple yet fun ideas to celebrate the birthdays of your child. If you want to scale up the things, there is always an event agency to hire and realize the goal. But that would cost more on the wallet and you should be ready for that.

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