Best 8 Ideas to Celebrate “The Mother of the Month”


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Year after year we break the head to search for gifts for a special day as the day of the Mother… but that is no more special than something done for us?

Year after year we break the head to search for different gifts to pamper our mothers, but, what is more special than something done for us? Here are 8 DIY or handmade gifts for mom, part of Pantene:

1. SPA Gift Basket

Think about the favorite aroma of your mother and in the things of the bathroom that you like, the salts, exfoliating creams… your favorite Pantene Collection and ready. Get several articles of bathroom such as creams, candles or scented soaps, with aromas of lavender or chamomile for example, confeccionale and a basket. Add a towel and a “gift” for a session at a spa, and adornalo with a loop!

2. Framed Photos

You have some photos that you know you love. Take them to a photo shop and help you select the most appropriate filters to print, choose some framework that go with the decoration of house in colors and styles. It is a gift that will charm you and will remind you each time you see it.

3. Photo Album

Make bigger the idea of the pictures and designs a “book of memories”. It may be in your life, your, family holiday or special event… Ask the closest family to type some of your favorite memories on the pages of the book where your photos, you can also use other elements that are part of those days, the entries in a work of theater, an expo, or something like that.

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4. Dreams that meet we

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All have things we want to do, dreams that we have not yet had time to perform, or that we have not yet dared… What kind of things are in the list of pending for mom? Do you know of any activity that you like to learn? Do you cook? Do Pilates or yoga classes? Do you suspect that it would be great to paint? Looking for a school of cooking, art classes or in any foreign language, underpins classes test and makes her dream a reality. And if it is an adventurous… the best laid plans of adventure by Tampax.

5. Flowers

You can always pick flowers for the garden or better yet, make your own flowers with tissue paper! There are many tutorials and sencillisimas are making. Place them in a vase and regala selo, both the flowers and the vase will last forever.

6. Candles In cups of tea

It is a very simple craft, in this article you will learn how to do them. With this gift you will get a special touch and very original in the decoration of your home.

7. A day of girls

Arrange a day of shopping, restaurants, excursions or what you like to do… but the two together. Plan your day around a central activity, and make reservations in time to avoid the contingency fund. You can spend a full day or as simple as you want. The important thing is that you know that you do it because you want to be with her.

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8. A personalized gift

Bags or beach towels, mugs, mouse mats or a nice, even an apron! Are personal gifts, practical and stylish.

Tip: accompanies all these gifts that we recommend, with “extra” of affection and help at home… succeed! Do you have more ideas of smart gifts for mom? I share them by leaving a comment on this article!

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