Bright, Vibrant Winter Styling Tips


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Let’s be honest: winter fashion can leave you feeling pretty glum. At first, you may be thrilled to pull your chunky knit sweaters and scarves from the closet, but by January most of us just feel stuck in a style rut. But guess what? Your winter clothes can be just as unique, expressive, and exciting as your spring and summer styles. With great looks a few clicks away at online stores, designer outlets, and curated sites like, you don’t even have to face the cold to get a new look.

What is the key to a great winter look? In a word: vibrance. The colder months of the year tend to be dreary and gray, so let your wardrobe brighten things up! Of course, there’s more to a vibrant look than just bright colors. Here are a few tips that can help you take your winter look to the next level:

Layer Up

Layers are a must-have in the winter (especially if you’re living anywhere prone to consistently cold winter weather). In fact, it’s hardly a surprise that all the New York designers are creating layered looks for the winter – they want their models to survive the cold. Take a word of advice from StyleCaster this season, and feel free to pile on whatever will keep you warm. Stick a turtleneck under a cable knit sweater and top it all off with a dramatic oversized coat. Just like that, you’re looking chic and you won’t be shivering!

Sport a Ski Jacket

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Those multi-colored windbreakers you’ve seen in every ski resort brochure have finally made their way from the slopes to the runway. As Elle recently pointed out, Balenciaga designer Demna Gvasalia has reintroduced the ski jacket to the world with his Fashion Week designs, and now you can keep that wind chill at bay with the old North Face you only wear on camping trips. Pair the jacket with slacks and a pair of bold heels, and bam – you’ve effortlessly mixed work and play with one incredible outfit.

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Experiment With Accessories

During the winter, it can be harder than ever to really make a statement with your look. Practicality is priority number one, and it can tough to accessorize when you’re bundled up to your earlobes. That’s why it is the perfect time to let your feet do the talking. Platform boots (especially ones that Ginger Spice would fight you for) are taking the fashion world by storm this winter. Find a pair and show winter just what girl power is made of. Of course, there are other accessories you can give a try this winter: wrap a scarf around your head for a little taste of old Hollywood glamour, try out fuzzy earmuffs for a cute look that keeps your lobes warm, or even take bedhead chic up a notch by putting a belt over an actual blanket.

Feel Fabulous in Fur (Or Faux Fur)

We just discussed winter accessories, but there is one that needs a section all its own. Marie Claire sang the praises of fur coats this year, and frankly I could not agree more. Fur – or faux fur if you’d rather – is one of the most fun accessories you can wear when you’re in a fashion rut. It’s warm, it’s comfortable, and it makes you feel ten times more glamorous from the very first moment. Wear a stole to a holiday party, or slip on a coat while you’re running errands; I can guarantee that you’ll be calling the cashier “dahling” by the time you head home (RIP Zsa Zsa Gabor).


This year, do not let winter fashion get you down. With a few little tweaks to your style game, winter will truly feel like the most wonderful time of the year.

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Author Bio: Carolyn Clarke is a writer, photographer, and confessed shopaholic. A born and bred New Yorker, she cut her teeth interning at various fashion industry publications and modelling agencies. Carolyn now works as a blogger and wedding photographer in Philadelphia, where she lives with her husband Mark and their daughter Olivia.

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