How dogs help our Mental Health?


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Dogs have been close companions for hundreds of years. While some of their benefits are more apparent than others, such as protection, other benefits are masked. Believe it or not, dogs can help improve our mental health and overall wellbeing.

Here’s how:

Dogs as an anti-depressant.

As dogs are the most human-friendly animals, they bump up our mood and help us fight depression. Dog owners are less probable to put up with depression than those without pets. The best way to release stress is to talk about with someone; it can be your dog. They are great listeners. They know how to make you happy when you are on the verge of stress.

Promote Touch.

45 minutes massage can reduce the stress by controlling the level of a stress hormone called cortisol. Most of the people feel good when they have physical contact with others. The touch from a dog can reduce the amount of anxiety. Cuddling with your dog increases the level of oxytocin and reduces the level of stress hormone.

A healthy body has a healthy mind.

A dog owner has lower blood pressure, lower heart rate, breathing became more regular and muscles are relaxed; all of which are indications of reduced stress. A walk with a dog or tossing a Frisbee makes you physically active, and where your body feels stronger you are less prone to mental issues. Early morning walk with your dog when the sun hits upon your face and tree rustling contributing fresh air to nature. This feeling of nature is incredibly soothing.

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Service Dogs

Many charity programs have arranged centers where dogs are trained for therapies which help humans to release stress by spending time with a loving and patient animal. They visit hospitals, schools, senior centers, homeless shelters,and rehabilitation; they provide emotional support to people. Therapy dogs are a friend to everyone and endow with companionship.

Ease loneliness

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Dogs bestow us unconditional love and acceptance. They don’t deem or criticize. Many people who lost the love of their lives find a dog a better option to fill up the empty feeling which they are facing. Old people prefer the dog to be the best friend in the last stages of their life. Because there is no loyal friend than a dog. Loneliness can make them feel upset because of an empty mind.

Dogs help you forget your daily frustration, anger and helps calm your emotion. Grooming and petting your little pooch helps you with sensory with stress relief. They bring meaning and joy to life. And don’t let you feel alone. At every stage of life where you feel like you’ve no one by your side, owning a dog is the finest choice. Adopting a dog is super effective. They increase the quality of life.

Different dogs with different personality traits

  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

They are lapdog breed of noble scots back in the 1500s, they love being cuddled. And nicknamed as ‘the love sponge’. They’re so demonstrative and loving.


Also known as happy dogs they are very loving and eager to please.

  • Poodles
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Poodles are pretty attractive. They love being around people. And spread positive vibes.

Wrap up

Dogs definitely help our mental health in many ways it is no less than a loyal and friendly companion. They lift up our morale and aptitude( as the moral and aptitudes are connected to mental health) so as someone gets a tender feeling of an affectionate companion he gets satisfied as the major cause of anxiety and depression is people lack affection and care.

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