The Pros and Cons of Technology in the World of Children


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No-one is saved from the spell of technology these days. We’re all very engulfed by the glowing screens, beeping gadgets, and the never-ending depth of the internet.

Now, when it comes to the parents, all sorts of parenting tips & tricksadvice to keep the usage of the technology balanced. Make sure that your kids aren’t addicted to any types of technology. If they are, you need to take corrective measure in this direction immediately.

Technology is a part of everyday’s life for people of all ages. Its usage cannot be ignored, even if it comes to kids. However, the excess of it can be dangerous and can affect your kids adversely. So, there is a need to supervise the usage of technology by the kids.

Now, to know what’s right and what’s wrong when it comes to the kids using technology, let’s go through the pros and cons of it.


Help With The Homework

No matter how much we deny it, when it comes to school work or homework, children are bound to turn to technology. They need computer systems, tablets, or mobile phones with an internet access to explore their subjects and do their homework accordingly.

With the advancement of technology, the schools have also adopted technology on a large scale. Thus, the whole education system has become technologically advanced. So, most of the times, it becomes necessary for the kids to seek help from the internet to complete their projects, assignments, or homework.

TIP:According a parenting success guide,parents should supervise their children while they are using the computer systems or other gadgets. Just make sure they don’t have access to any inappropriate stuff through the use of internet.

Better Learning

There are a number of ways available on the internet through which you can get your children to learn better. Age is no bar for the internet, when it comes to learning. So, from toddlers to teenagers, you can use technology for making your kids learn better.

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Parent success guidetells that through YouTube videos or learning apps, kids are learning a lot these days. Studies have shown that with visuals, better graphics, and sounds, a baby’s brain can function and get developed in a better way. So, you can easily use the available technology, gadgets, and the internet to make your babies and children learn in a fun and exciting way.

TIP: When using gadgets and the internet, along with blocking the inappropriate content, make sure that the kids don’t spend too much time staring at the screens. This can really affect their eyesight. Longer exposure to the screen can also make the skin pale and result in lack of sleep.

Better Parenting

There are a number of apps that allow parents to manage the household with kids in a better way. These include reward apps, chore chart app, calendar apps, baby record apps, and apps for best parenting tips & tricks!

These apps help parents keep up with their kids, keep them involved in the household, keep them disciplined, and keep them interested through it all.

TIP: Always test an app yourself before involving the kids with the process as if things don’t work out well, they’ll lose interest. For household work and better behavior, a chore chart appcan be your best pick.


Exposure to Inappropriate Content

There is a great deal of inappropriate content available online. When your children are using the internet and any gadget attached to it, they can get exposed to such a content easily.

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Now, for kids of any ages, this kind of content can be really bad as it influences them in a negative way. Their minds are not matured enough to analyze what kind of content they are watching and so, they end up watching more in curiosity.

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This is very harmful for their innocent minds.

So, the best parenting success guidesuggests you to keep a close eye on children while they have access to the internet and the gadgets.

Harmful Effects on Health

Over exposure to the gadgets, glowing screens, and the internet can affect the health of children in a number of ways. Their eyes, skin, body, and mind, all are affected by the over usage of the technology.

Thus, one of the best parenting tips & tricksis to keep a balance between their exposure to technology and other physical activities.

Even for parents, the excess usage of the technology, gadgets, and the internet is harmful for the health and also keeps your kids away. You can start rewarding kids whenever they help you in the household or other work. This distracts them from their gadgets.

Once in every week, you must spend some quality time with your kids – away from all the gadgets and technology, to refresh your minds. This also helps you strengthen your bond with your children and makes them happy.

Addiction to the Technology

If the kids are left unsupervised while they’re using the technology, they usually get addicted to the technology and gadgets. This makes them glued to the couch or their bed for hours as they stare into the screens of their gadgets throughout the time.

The internet is endless and technology has something for the world every second. However, no one can have it all in one sitting.

You can preach the same to their children and make their usage of technology time-bound.

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If they get addicted to the technology, they can adopt a very negative behavior. The other harmful effects of technology addiction are:

  • Short temperament and impulsive behavior
  • Less tolerance
  • Social Anxiety and Isolation
  • Less participation in physical activities
  • Health issues
  • Frequent mood swings
  • Bad behavior with family members

All of this impacts the mind and life of your child to a great extent. Thus, while you’re parenting difficult children,you need to look after their tech usage.

Make sure no kid at your house is trapped with the internet and gadgets. If they are, take immediate actions to stop them from being addicted to them. Once again, a reward systemcan help you correct the behavior of children and let them move on from their tech addiction.

With these pros and cons of technology for children, parents can know when it is right and when it is wrong to let their kids use the gadgets and technology. Remember, excess of everything is bad and the same goes with technology.

As they say, “Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master”, it is very true for children.

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