Shopping for Calvin Klein Low Rise Trunks


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Many people still don’t understand the difference between boxer briefs and trunks. In most cases, this confusion is a result of the different brands that inconsistently define their cut. However, this also comes down to the origin country of the brand. In the UK and Australia what is named as the trunk is what Americans refer to as a boxer brief. Therefore, it is important to remember that the American trunk is usually shorter and isn’t the same as in other countries such as Australia.

In order, to avoid the confusion during shopping, consider the length of the suit and not the term that is used to describe it. It would also be a good idea to find an underwear worn by a model especially when shopping online. If this is not possible, you can only ask for the measurements or inseam of the length at the side and measure this against the body even as you understand the length at which the leg will sit on the thigh.

If you love your undies comfortable and concealed, a good idea would be to go with a Calvin Klein low rise trunk. The undies are normally made of cotton. They also have a color that contrasts with the waistband and has the necessary logo detailing.  The good thing with Calvin Klein brands is that they come with a wide range of trunks, briefs, boxers. These are also available in soft cotton fabric, and vibrant colors.


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These are always popular, and this is not for no good reason. They are comfortable and practical undershorts that offer good support and always remain in place. In case you work at a desk for many hours, you will not have to worry about the brief bunching as well as riding up. If your job is physical, you can count on the briefs to always remain in place.  The briefs from Calvin Klein bring in the comfort from cotton available in an athletic gray or white. In case you love the briefs that are more daring, you can consider the low-rise Calvin Klein 365 briefs that come with some bright trims for contrast.

Boxer shorts

Boxer shorts that fit in a free way and are more preferred by the elderly while the tight ones are more popular with the crowds that are younger. The loose boxers are made using woven fabric when the trouser comes with a loose fit. However, the loose boxers are still popular as sleepwear. Boxer shorts that are tight and are known as brief boxer offer good support and can remain in place.

Trunk line

The Calvin Klein trunk boxers are still among the most popular options by the brand. The low-rise boxers have a similar length to the traditional boxers.

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