Oneplus 6T may bring reduced notch and a screen that occupies 94% of the front


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As is well known, OnePlus and OPPO, its parent brand, share the design of their smartphones.

With the launch of the OPPO R17, this should be the inspiration for the new OnePlus 6T, which can bring a reduced notch and a screen to occupy 94% of the front.

OnePlus’s connection to OPPO and the sharing of technology and design between the two have been noticed early on. Starting with the fast loading technology, which although with a different name is the same, several models share the same image. The OnePlus 5 is based on the OPPO R11, the OnePlus 5T on the OPPO R11S and the OnePlus 6 features some similarities with the OPPO R15.

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With the recent launch of the new OPPO R17 in China, this is the design aimed at the new OnePlus 6T, which is expected to come out in the coming months with some news.

Looking at the OPPO R17, we can find a smartphone with a 6.4 “screen and notch greatly reduced, reminiscent of Essential Phone, which may allow the OnePlus 6T to follow the same style and display a useful area of ​​94 %. This is a surprising value that goes beyond the OPPO Find X and is close to the goal of taking advantage of the entire front.

In relation to the rest of the characteristics of this OPPO, it has a Snapdragon 670 processor, 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. The front camera will have 25 MP, however it did not make public the features of the rear camera, although it has been announced the inclusion of artificial intelligence in the camera software.

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The battery will be 3500 mAh, with fast charging, the Android operating system will be in version 8.1 Oreo and will incorporate a fingerprint sensor underneath the screen.

Although many features will vary, the truth is that the design should remain the same and we may already have here the basis for the new smartphone that OnePlus will launch later this year.

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