Pro Tips And Tricks To Make The Most Of Your iPhone X


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With every new iPhone release, the perspectives, approaches and practices of handling a smartphone devise gets modernize. The lifestyle of iPhone users evolveas the fascinating features capture attention;depicts the unmatchable professionalism and expertise of the company.  So did happen when iPhone X stepped into the market.

Its release created an unending buzz among the Apple followers and customers, who couldn’t help themselves from delving deeper into the mesmerizing features of their newly bought Apple’ssmartphone. However, there were some amazing aspects of the cellphone, which only few could discover. Therefore, a list of features is mentioned below to guide you through some pro tricks and tips of iPhone X. Keep reading!

1.Wake Without Touch

Pressing Buttons is so old school. The new iPhone X has an exceptionally smart feature that wakes up the phone without a touch. The latest iOS 11 on iPhone X has ignited a flare of innovation in its features. You might not consider it a biggest time-saver, but you will find it helpful if you notice the number of times you have to touch your screen just to check your notifications.

2. It Is Water Resistant

One of the amazing features of iPhone X is that it is totally water resistant. Now you don’t have to panic if you accidently slip your smartphone in a swimming pool or spill water over it while washing the dishes. It can easily withstand spills and even if it is dropped in a pool of water, you can be rest assured that nothing wrong will happen to your device. Simply, switch it off if it indicates a warning. Moreover, the phone displays the warning only when it finds moisture inside the cellphone.

3. Fast Access To Camera

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For the moment when you wish to sneak a picture of your funny friend or wish to capture a sudden incident, iPhone X enables fast access to its camera. You don’t have to go through the hassle of swiping your phone to first enter the passcode and tapping on the camera icon, then adjusting the appropriate mode and then capturing the picture. With iPhone X, all you have to do is swipe your lock screen to the right and adjust the angle to click the picture. In an instant, a beautiful moment will be saved into your camera roll.

4. The Haptic Feedback Of Home Button

The only button- home button might not be a button but feels like one. The button creates a sense of touch by its haptic feedback. The button is artificially made to depict a feel of mechanical button through vibration. The best part is you can find an intensity scale in the Settings where you can adjust the intensity of vibration according to your mood or personality. This new home button is a tool thatsynchronizes in harmony with Apple’s latest “3D Touch”, giving user a unique, uninterrupted and pleasurable experience.

5. The Best Camera Ever

Apple has always been a leading company in the field of technological advancement and innovation. With every new product, it pushes the standard higher with its furious breakthrough products and features. This time, Apple has manufactured a new camera for iPhoneX with 12MP sensor with a built in 10x digital zoom that is assist by optical image stabilization (OIS). The camera is unbelievably 80% more efficient than its predecessor, equipped with wide color capture through a lens that is bringing in 50% more light; picture in dark or low light are profoundly clear and natural. However, one more thing! IPhoneX plus comes with a revolutionary dual lens camera that has unlocked new avenues in photography, enabling iPhone users to take high resolution pictures with DSLR-Style picture quality through new “Portrait Mode”.

6. Apple Wireless AirPods

Apple’s breathtaking wireless earphones are finally in the market and it has left the users in awe. They are connected with your iPhone through Bluetooth and just senses when you wear them so it turns on and off automatically. It detects your gestures to perform tasks and to control. The case itself holds 24-hours’ worth of power, so you just need to put them back in the case to recharge. Siri takes instructions through the Airpods. To keep the best voice quality, specially designed beam-forming microphones focus on your voice while eliminating any potential noise when you are on call. AirPods are indeed a piece of art.

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