How to Save on your Phone Bill


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Do not wait until the end of the month to bring you a surprise on your bill. Sign up for our keys to control the consumption of your mobile before it is too late. We teach you to save!

What happens to the phone bill? Why is it always gives us surprises?

Usually because we do not control our consumption. Before thinking about change of company, stop and think. What is the use you give to your mobile? Analyze your consumption by looking at the invoice and checking; what are your most frequent calls, at what time do you tend to use your mobile or if you really need internet connection.

Once you have analyzed your bills and knowing your consumption, it is best to go to the company that best suits your needs. You must take into account several things: if you committed to stay in your company or if you have points for consumption. Choose the system that best suits you; internet flat rate, prepayment, etc… and defines very well with your company your needs and what you want to pay.

If you don’t want your consumption exceeds 30 euros for example, many operators offer you the possibility to send you a message informing you of your excess in consumption. In addition, you can always see the expense that you have accrued during the month.

Analyze the consumption of your mobile allows you to see if flames much to the same numbers, if you make calls abroad or if you need to navigate… all that is essential to choose the type of company and the invoice plan that best suits you. Make a comparative study and choose the best for you.

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Once you have selected your company and your plan What else you can do to save money on your bill?

The main thing is to always check the expense:

for this reason, our recommendation is that you use the cell only when strictly necessary. Put a limit and not overdo it, because from there everything will be much easier. Use the fixed telephone.

Send messages also costs money:

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The messages are not free, therefore you should take advantage of it. For better control, try to use free instant messaging. Using programs such as Skype, Whatsapp and others… that with a simple internet connection you can send messages, photos and video conferencing, try it!

Never invite special issues with abusive cost:

Are special numbers (those that begin with 8 and 9). If we remove the 800 and 900 which are free, the rest can have rates of more than 1 euros per minute and that is reflected on your bill. Be Careful!

Traveling outside of the country:

Get Informed before in your company to avoid any surprises. But the best part is that you buy a pre-paid card and turn off the cell. The rates are extremely expensive.

Do You Want a Smartphone at good price?, Negotiate: Companies seek customers and you just have to say that you change of operator because they offer better conditions so that you can fly the offers.

When you begin to make the portability, they will begin to insist and you get first generation mobile. ! This may be your chance of getting a smartphone totally free.

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