Windows Phone vs Android – Which is best?


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The operating systems are a key element when choosing your next phone , which is why when we select it we start asking ourselves: Which will be the best? At present there are infinities of operating systems, due to this, sometimes we usually choose many for our list of possible options. It happens very often!

Without a doubt, something that will help you to make the search easier is to guide you by the opinions of people who have already used these systems. In this opportunity we will give you to know the differences of the most used operating systems in the world, these are: Android and Windows.


This has a full integration with Windows. So it has Windows pc, it synchronizes the mail service, contacts, OneDrive, and also the Microsoft program is almost ideal. Although every day new applications are incorporated , one of its disadvantages is precisely this, since, despite all the effort, the number of applications it has is still very low, compared to those that can be enjoyed in other operating systems. Another disadvantage of this is the low possibility of customization. Windows provides information in the so-called tiles, this is well above the icons of Android.


Android may be better than WindowsThe mobile operating system gives us the opportunity to choose the home screen that applications you want to have in each desk, how many desks you want. This system gives total freedom to personalize the phone or tablet. Another advantage is its universalization, whether in high-end phones, medium or high. Some of its disadvantages are usually the updates and the weight of these.

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For the simple reason that the flexibility and adaptability offered by the Google system means that everyone who tries it is hooked and does not want to go back. Here are some comments from users who have previously used these operating systems:

“This system is wonderful because it gives us the opportunity to leave it totally to our liking”

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“Android is technologically superior than other systems”

“Its characteristics are unique, for example, its carca is very fast”


Nowadays Windows is not going through its best moment, this is why many people see the use of other operating systems more viable, if they agree. Despite all the inconveniences they have presented , the company has been working to solve or improve the problems. In this way return to your initial position.


The answer to this question depends on each one of the users , since we all have different tastes and opinions. However, it is not necessary to review the advantages and disadvantages of each of the operating systems. A user who has been using Android for a long time thinks:

“Android has reached a point of maturity with which few systems can compete.”

Others, carriers of the Windows system says:

“Windows phone is looking for your site, because Microsoft is still working on the system to offer something better every day . “

In conclusion, both operating systems are of very good quality, and they give us the opportunity to enjoy the different applications . However, we must bear in mind that not everything is rosy, that is why you can not define which system is the best. The most important thing is that each person decides which one he likes the most according to his own characters.

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