Xiaomi Mi 7: Launching in March with Wireless charging confirmed


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Already started receiving the first rumors stream of the Xiaomi Mi 7 . It is not the first time we find details of the next flagship of the Chinese firm, but we are facing the first time we have data on the launch of the smartphone.
Weeks ago an industry member revealed that the Snapdragon 845 chipset, as we expected, would be responsible for feeding the future Xiaomi Mi 7, but also anticipated that we would be before a large screen device. It is expected that the mobile around 6 inches thanks to the almost total elimination of the screen frames, style Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 , adopting the 18: 9 display format.

Today it is reported that the smartphone, in addition to these features, would include the much desired wireless charging. In September Xiaomi joined the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) to enable wireless charging and the latest leaks originating near the brand claim that the Xiaomi Mi 7 will have wireless charge and that its production will begin in the coming months.

The Xiaomi Mi 7 would arrive in March

According to Chinese media, Xiaomi will announce the Mi 7 in March of next year, a period quite similar to the one that the brand followed last year with the Xiaomi Mi 6.

Therefore, the smartphone would go into production in just two months, being The month of February is the right moment to begin the mass manufacturing of the smartphone and thus ensure a plentiful stock of the Xiaomi Mi 7.

The arrival of wireless charging to the Xiaomi Mi 7 could in turn give us clues about the characteristics of the future terminal star of the Chinese.

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A perfect example would be the inclusion of a glass chassis that would accompany the 6-inch AMOLED screen signed by Samsung that is speculated will take all the prominence of the new device of the manufacturer.

As for the latest features that have been associated with the mobile, we have an amount of RAM of 6 GB and the presence, once again, of a rear camera with two 16 megapixel sensors. It is likely that the 3,350 mAh battery that is present in the My 6 phone also grows, as would happen with the screen.

It is still early to talk about prices but we will just have to wait a couple of months for all the characteristics of this expected Xiaomi Mi 7 to begin to filter out .

Wireless charging of the Xiaomi Mi7

If until now we had only intuited that the wireless charging of the Xiaomi Mi7 would be something real thanks to the inclusion of Xiaomi in the Wireless Power Consortium, a body that Apple also joined in the months preceding the launch of the new generation of iPhone that has released this year with this type of cargo.

Well, now we have met a filtered document, which is originally enchino, which ensures the wireless charging of the Xiaomi Mi7.

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This information has been filtered in the official Wechat account of Shanghai Dragon Flag Technology Co., Ltd. It says the following “The Xiaomi Mi7 will have wireless charging . Using the United States IDT program.

The wireless charging module has already entered production and will be ready before the Spring Festival of 2018. “It is undoubtedly information that confirms the presence of wireless charging in the Xiaomi Mi7 at the time of its launch. There is capture of the message, but it is in Chinese, so it contributes rather little.

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Recall that a presentation is expected between the months of March and April, so this module would be widely available from the Spring Festival, which is held in mid-February in China, which is what they have secured from the signature Shanghai Dragon Flag Technology Co.

Otherwise, it is more than confirmed, by the same Lei Jun in fact, that the Xiaomi Mi7 will arrive with the Snapdragon 845 as processor , as well as a larger screen, with thinner edges, of 5.65 and 6.01 inches.

So undoubtedly, along with the “infinity screen” everything points to the wireless charging of the Xiaomi Mi7 will be one of the great novelties of this model.

Possible specifications and the price of the Xiaomi Mi 7

We do not have any possible image of the device, but the rumors that we saw weeks ago also pointed to the same thing. Today, we can know that the Mi7 would carry a 6.01-inch OLED screen, with an 18: 9 format.

We will see who makes your screen since we have already seen the problems that LG has had with OLED technology.

For the processor, Xiaomi would bet, as almost always in these price ranges, for Qualcomm, exactly for the Snapdragon 845.

Other details to comment is that it would not carry a FaceID technology like the iPhone X , but it would have an integrated fingerprint sensor on the screen, something that seems unlikely because no brand will do it soon.

It would carry another dual camera module, this time two 16 megapixel sensors. We assume that one will be a telezoom but we do not have that information.

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It would also take 6 GB of RAM, its price? Well it seems that it would not rise much and would cost about INR 29000, a more than moderate price for the range in which we are and knowing that the Mi7 will compete with all current brands.

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