Google Optimize Improves – launches a new responsive visual editor


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Mobile browsing and shopping are gaining ground in consumer habits. The need to have a site adapted to the mobile medium becomes obvious. Google improves its Optimize tool to allow the development of A / B tests.

Suitable for any type of screen

The tool, primarily geared towards small and medium-sized businesses, is launching a new adaptive visual editor, with the ability to offer immediate insights into experimental mobile sites in any screen size.

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Once the test page is created, the responsive editor allows you to immediately preview what it looks like and modulate among the desired screen formats. To preview the page on a specific screen, such as a Nexus 7 or iPad, Google has added the appropriate device formats.

Optimize 360 ​​for big

It is obviously possible to rework the location of icons, buttons, texts, images etc. in the editor and perfect the design of the mobile page. Google offers a precise user manual of its tool on a dedicated page .

A version for large companies of the visual editor, Optimize 360, allows a fast and efficient development of mobile sites. Built into the native Google Analytics 360 suite, organizations can analyze customer interactions to determine which points in your purchasing process need help and improve them with Optimize 360.


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