How to know when a person uploads an Instagram post


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If you do not want to lose view of any post from someone on Instagram, you can make an adjustment that alerts you every time that user uploads a photo or video. This way we teach you to do it easily from the same social network.

Many ask if to know when a user posts something on Instagram you have to access some hack or root. However, the truth is that the same application has a simple option available to everyone: this is called Publication notifications .

How to activate the Notifications of a user’s posts on Instagram options

Just follow these steps and you can already have monitored each of the publications of a specific person:

• Sign in to your Instagram account.
• Search for the user where you want to activate notifications.
• Once in your profile, locate and click on the 3 vertical points on the upper right side.
• Here all you have to do is select the option Activate notifications of publications and go, adjust completed.

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Turn on notifications from a user on Instagram

As soon as you do, you will have to wait for that user to upload a photo or video so you can see the message of the publication from the notification bar of your mobile.

Now, if you are tired of seeing this warning every time that person publishes in the social network, you can deactivate the adjustment with the same steps, only now you will click on the Deactivate notifications for publications box .

You can also activate stories notifications

Not satisfied with the above, accessing the 3 vertical points of a user’s profile on Instagram, you can also select the item Activate notifications of stories so you can see the status posted by that user in your account .

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