20 Best Smartphone Apps to Organize your life


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Life is becoming faster than a rat race every day. Coping with the speed is stressful and unproductive most of the time. Organizing your personal and professional tasks can overwhelm you.

How do you toggle your priorities? The answer to that lies in this list of handy mobile apps. Smartphone technology develops every day, and you should reap its ability to keep your life in order.


20 Best Smartphone Apps to Organize your life

Now that you understand how Smartphone apps can organize your life, it is time to put them to good use. But which ones stand out? Here are 20 apps that help keep the world around you in order.

1. Awesome Note

The first of these extraordinary examples of technology is Awesome Note, an IPhone app for personal organization. It helps users create amazing to do lists and schedules. Awesome note is a standout organization app; it allows users to personalize the designs of their notes. You can choose the colors, background, images, icons and fonts for them. The app’s graphical calendar increases engagement and productivity.

2. Timeful

Timeful is a scheduling app that helps you find time for the things you love, without neglecting the tasks you already have to fulfill. Before letting you add new appointments, it connects to your existing calendar to get a sense of your schedule. It then makes suggestions about when the best times are to do the things you love. As you accept or reject its ideas, it learns about you and gives tips according to your needs.

3. Evernote


Evernote is a must-use app for teachers, students and anyone who needs to gather their information in one place. Use it to create stacks for different topics, then folders for the subjects that fall under them. Download the Evernote clipper for your Safari, Firefox or Chrome browsers and collect all the data you need with just one click.

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4. Letter space

This app is a viable alternative to Evernote, and its slide bar function gives it an edge. Retrieving saved notes is a breeze. It is a quick, simple way to store and edit your information.


If this, then that. The creators of one of the most powerful social media management applications to date have shortened these words into an acronym, IFTTT. The app has taken social media to a new level. You can instruct the app to redirect the contacts you save in Gmail to Evernote. You can also direct it to share your WordPress posts on Facebook. In all, it makes social media sharing seamless.

6. Process Street

Do consider this app if you are a business manager Besides allowing you to manage checklists and procedures, it also lets you keep tabs on your team’s workflow. Reviewers have lauded it as one of the best project management tools available.

7. Zapier


Many business owners already know that Zapier is one of the best apps to use for automating processes. Its ability to transfer data has improved with time. Consider it the business version of IFTTT; if you store a business contact in one workflow, you can migrate it to another.

8. Last Pass

If you have trouble remembering passwords, give Last Pass a warm welcome Thia app stores all your passwords in one place. Categorize them in folders and launch them instantly. Use the Last Pass extension, available In the Google Chrome store and as a Firefox add-on, to save site passwords immediately.

9. Pomodoro Time

Pomodoro time has taken time tracking to a new level. It gauges how well you have used your time, and it also evaluates your productivity. The pre-set timer consists of 25-minute sequences, followed by a short break. The timer then goes on for another four more courses before allowing you to take a longer break. You can set it according to your needs.

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10. Dropbox


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Have you ever saved your files in your tablet, only to find that you cannot open them using your desktop computer? It leaves you feeling hassled and unproductive. Dropbox gathers all your files in one place. You can open them in your computer, even if you save them in your tablet.

11. Keep and Share

Keep and Share, a desktop and mobile app, allows you to make schedules, track them and share them. The best part about this app is that you can sync it across all platforms. Check all your calendar information, wherever you are.

12. Todoist

This tool is a functional task manager like Wunderlist. It makes task lists, color codes the important ones and shares them on the spot. It is the app to use to keep track of what you need to do, and it is free.


13. Cloud magic

That important email can make a difference in your life or career. Feeling frustrated about losing it is an understatement. Cloud magic allows you to search for life-or-death emails at once. It has built-in email apps to speed up your email searches.


14. Tempo

This app is a business’ professional’s dream. Besides keeping your important meetings in order and sorting your emails, it also helps you collect information from the internet. Further, it keeps you updated about important meetings. It is the best way to stay on top of your business tasks.


15. HelloWallet


If you tend to spend a lot, you will need an app like Hello Wallet. It takes the chore out of budgeting. Not all banks have an app that allows you to keep track of all your expenses, so this app is a viable alternative. Use it to manage your financial responsibilities.

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16. Cozi Family Organizer

This organizer takes the stress out of putting events together for the family. It is an app that makes To Do lists, calendars, and events available at a glance.

17. Goodreads

You may have too many books to browse through. The Goodreads app keeps you aware of the books that you have yet to open. Get reviews of the latest movies with a single tap as well.


18. Do Note

The Do Note app is a handy app for all homemakers. Consider it a one-stop cooking app. It activates all the recipes you store on IFTTT, using the texts you write on it. You can also use it to generate posts and set your smart thermostat.

19. Easily Do

This app is your newest Virtual Assistant. Connect it to your favorite shopping, email, and other online services. Manage them at once. You can even prompt it to send birthday messages to your friends on Facebook. It also prompts you to add contacts, so you need not fear missing anyone out.

20. Google Docs


Are you struggling to organize your documents? This app by the search engine professionals may be your best answer. It allows you to store text, word or excel documents. Your megabytes are virtually unlimited, allowing you to keep an infinite number of files. Your data will not take up space on your computer.




With these apps, you will not forget your priorities. They will organize your life and help you stay ahead of your game.

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