6 Best Android Keyboard Apps


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Virtual keyboard is the primary input method when it comes to touch based devices like smartphones. Consequently, a good keyboard app is essential for a productive typing experience.

As far as Android devices go, there are a number of really good keyboard apps available in the Google Play Store. They offer a smooth typing experience and include features like autocorrect and gesture based typing. We bring you 7 of the best Android keyboard apps that’ll make the typing experience on your Android smartphone a delight.


Google Keyboard

It’s impossible to ignore Google Keyboard when talking about the best Android keyboard apps. It is no longer limited to stock Android devices and is now available for all phones. Available for free, the app offers a silky smooth typing experience, and comes with predictive voice dictation. It also has an autocorrect feature, so you can avoid typos. And thanks to gesture typing, you can type quickly by just swiping across the keyboard.



Swype is a feature rich keyboard app. It enables users to spell out words and complete sentences by swiping over the alphabets. The app also supports typing in two languages at a time. Along with this, Swype keyboard ties into Android’s accessibility features to help vision-impaired users. The keyboard has a customisable personal dictionary with makes word prediction even better.



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The list of best Android keyboard apps can never complete without the mention of SwiftKey. The app’s accurate word prediction method, known as ‘fluency engine’ is one of the many reasons that it is so popular. Nowadays, many smartphones already come pre-loaded with the SwiftKey as the default keyboard app for a better user experience. The app also offers variety of themes for increased customization.

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Fleksy is a flexible keyboard app that sports a minimalistic design. Along with traditional customization options, the app also has extensions that enable users to send gifs. Then there are features like badges and a reward system.


Go keyboard

Go Keyboard is an Android keyboard app that comes with a host of interesting functionalities. It offers features like themes and support for emojis. In addition, Go Keyboard includes gesture based typing and a variety of selectable fonts.


Smart Keyboard

Last but not the least, Smart keyboard app is a keyboard app for Android that offers features like multiple language support, voice input, smart dictionary and predictive typing. It is a good option for new Android users as it supports the T9 input method taken from the old feature phones.

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