How to Customize Button in CRM Development


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In this tutorial, the experts of CRM Development Company will guide you step-by-step, so that you can customize a button with the help of display rule. In case, there is query or confusion popping into your mind, ask straightaway in the comments section.

Scenario- How to customize a button with the help of display rule (It will display only the set of user in CRM application).

  1. For this scenario we have to use and ribbon workbench tool.
  2. Using the Ribbon Workbench for CRM2015 it is easy to customize a button & add a Display Rule so that it will not be displayed unless the current user has a specific permission on a particular entity.
  3. First we need ribbon workbench tool, so you have to import this tool in your CRM.
  4. It (ribbon workbench tool) will come under your solution area.
  5. First create a new solution and add your entity; for example; we add contact entity in your solution.
  6.   Then click on ribbon workbench tool then in ribbon workbench tool add your solution


7) After this click on ok button.

8) When the solution loads in the Ribbon Workbench, select the entity to start with.

9) Select new button in your form section area, right click on that button, then select customize Command.

10) After this to entity solution element tab click on Command when you right click on command, select Edit Display Rule.

Edit Display Rule

11) For adding new rule we have to click on add new rule.

new rule

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12) Give a Proper name to your display rule. Every rule having some step so you have to add steps in that rule.

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So for this you have to click on add steps button. Then choose rule according to your requirement here we have to choose entity privilege rule then select ok button.


13) For creating new display rule we have to follow some steps-

First update the name of the rule, make sure it will be according to your requirement, so that you can identify easily the purpose of the rule.

There is some field is available in that section

  • Applies To– choose selected entity. This refers to the value input into the Entity Name field.
  • Entity Name– enter the schema name of the entity
  • Privilege Depth– choose the appropriate level of the privilege you are using to control the display functionality of the button. In this example, we are using the Global privilege level for the created permission of the custom new_security entity created previously
  • Privilege Type– select the privilege type (create).

14). Next, select Ok and the Display Rule will be added to the Command. Select OK again on the Display Rules viewer to enable the rule.

15). When all the above steps are completed then the new button is not visible in the contact entity Form.

All the steps mentioned above are shared by CRM development company experts for beginners. Make sure you follow every step for correct results. For doubts or queries, make comments and get response by professionals.


In this article I have explained how we customize a button with the help of display rule. Hope this will help full for your business need. Thanks for reading this article.

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