Where to find a Magento Developer?


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Finding a Magento web developer is one of the most daunting tasks one can ever do, whether you are a struggling Entrepreneur, hiring a web development media agency or contacting a freelance developer.

Did some of my own research and came with some way in which you can find Magento developer the easy way.

Find web developers that have a blog

Rule of thumb is, Magento developers won’t be searching for a job, so it will take you some legwork to find a developer. You can easily find a developer if you know where to look. Firstly, start following blogs of developers, follow them on social media and meetup with them in conferences, check their portfolio and pitch them your business.

Try Magento Imagine

Magento Imagine is a great place to start your search. An International commerce ecosystem event that is a sure-shot way to find the best of Magento developers. What is best about this event is that you will find experts from various industries. You can connect with them, ask them for referrals and hire people for your venture.


Just like conferences, hackathons is a great way to interact and find new developers. Hackathonsare great when it comes to finding developers with passion. It takes a great drive to register and hack your way in Magento.

The developers you will find in these hackathons will be perfect for you. They will be passionate and will have that energy to work hard.

Of Course LinkedIn

Most of you might have seen the power of LinkedIn but for those who don’t know, LinkedIn let you search by skill set. From novice to expert you will be able to find all sort of Magento developers here. One thing you need is a premium LinkedIn account.

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Check out Magento forums

Magento forums consist of whopping 200k+ registered users, with millions of topics, tips, and problem-solving tips. Web Developers register on these forums to get technical help and provide their help.

Focus on certifications

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One great way to find developers is to browse through Magento Certification program. This is infected one of the quickest ways to find developers who are both interested in Magento and show the level of expertise they possess.

Consider hiring freelance developers

One way is to go for thefull-time hiring of freelance developers. You can find a lot of freelance developers on Give them some project work and hire them if they get the work done on time.

Once you get the developer next step is to evaluate the developer.

How to Evaluate a Magento Developer?

Most of the companies go for a difficult hiring process, but here I will give you some tips with which you can easily judge a good Magento developer.

Test the Coding

This is part of the technical evaluation stage. Often time this step is skipped by companies but it is a good chance for you to test the skill set of the developer.

There are so many e-commerce websites. But best is to go for some website which has Magento web hosting. The advantage you will get will be that you will get a clear-cut review of what the developer is capable of. Pick a function and ask the developer to do that for you.

Next, is making an offer

This is no doubt one of the most important and difficult steps in the whole process. You will need to consult a few people before you go for making an offer. The offer usually varies for part-time and freelance work. Get into the market and get some rates.

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Post-Hiring process

After you have done the hiring, now you will have to see what you want the work to be done. Sit with the developer and make a long term plan with the developer. Built a relationship that will serve you for thelong term.

So here you go. The above mentioned ways were some of my learnings to find the best developers. I know it is difficult to find Magento developers that is why this blog will guide you to find the developers you are looking for. Feel free to connect with me to find more ways if you are still looking for web developers.

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