How Gaming Is Getting Ready for the VR-Future


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The advancements we witness in the way technology governs our lives are being introduced to the world of gaming as we speak. Enhanced HD graphics, immersive 3D features and up-tempo online gaming options are only some of the current trends gamers can enjoy.However, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to innovative gaming improvements. It seems that the entire gaming world is turning to virtual reality and its numerousbranches. What we can expect from this process and how will it affect our gaming experience?



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Augmented gaming

With the arrival of huge TV-sets that support Full HD and UHD picture, gaming is already getting bigger than ever before. However, this is nothing compared to the enormous gaming innovations manufacturers are preparing for game lovers. For instance, a new Microsoft AR project aims at turning entire walls into game-friendly displays. That way your monitor or TV-set will be only one part of a huge gaming screen. This set is based on the data that video projector and the Kinect sensor receive from the room surroundings to project the game reality on your wall; a huge step towards truly augmented reality.


On-head VR gaming

Do you remember how awestruck your grandparents were when you would play video games in front of them? While it seemed ridiculous and even funny to us, the gaming karma could play with us in an even harsher way.

Older among us can remember the 1990s when some of the world’s first VR headsets came out and were supposed to usher a revolution in gaming. By today’s standards, these were rudimentary VR sets but even they were making people super excited. Unfortunately, high prices and the bulkiness of the equipment led to their quick demise.

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The Oculus Rift is the product that started the whole story once again. Today, only a few months later, other manufacturers are joining the VR-race, offering their special models. This news shouldreceive a warm welcome from every gamer. The more manufacturers start producing and selling their VR-headsets, the lower their price will be.

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In addition to this, no one can deny that the new VR headsets are a huge improvement over the old technology. Sure, there are still things that can be improved, but it sure feels like they nailed it this time.


Gaming cloud

Apart from the rapid expansion of immersive gaming features, in-cloud gaming is another trend that is getting ready to overtake the gaming throne. In fact, you might say that it has already started its domination, slowly but steadily. This option is already present in different forms. For instance, if you have a Steam account or any other similar option, you are already using cloud gaming features. Nevertheless, in the time before us we will not have to install any games to our desktop computers. What is more, it is highly probable that gaming consoles in this form will also become part of gaming legends. Everything is migrating to the cloud, which is why our kids will probably not get to know consoles in this shape.

Gaming via cloud will require sending and receiving GBs of data and a superfast fast RAM service.If you want to prepare for that on time, it is important to get equipped with state-of-the-art computers and proper components, such as a big SSD hard drive and ample RAM. Those parts will ensure that you have enough space for new data, as well as a galloping speed for online gaming.

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There will be hiccups at first, mostly caused by internet connections that will always have their quirks, but these are all things that can be ironed out relatively easily.

For those gamers who will still be interested in playing on their own devices, cloud gaming will make cheap gaming laptops even cheaper.



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We are only at the beginning of incredible gaming future and things are already so exciting that they seem unbelievable. In addition to this bedazzlement and disbelief, some people are even afraid of all those new features, which is completely natural. You can only imagine how awestruck we will be in 30 years’ time, when our grandchildren will play their games. Let’s look forward to that time and prepare to join them; of course, if they let us play.


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