Pro tips to select the best Colocation Provider


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To shop for a colocation provider is quite similar to shopping for a car as we get to choose from lots of models. While the service provider would promise about lower cost, optimum performance and unbeatable service; just don’t fall for the gig as not all live up to their claims. The details provided here would surely help you take a wise decision when selecting a colocation provider so read on.

Be careful of “white labelling”
“White labelling” is a situation in which owner of a data centre is unable to fill available space with clients on his own. Rather than losing revenue, proprietors sublet fraction of the data centre to an intermediate party which further sells that portion as a real estate. Don’t fall solely to the sales reputation and all that walkthrough around the facility as it won’t guarantee security and reliability of operations.

Since engaging with a colocation provider is a long-term deal, ensure managing optimistic business terms with the facility’s owner. This is possible through direct interaction with the technical teams and service management.

A dedicated service manager is crucial
Before entering an agreement with the service provider, it’s important meeting the person or the team responsible for the entire process from accounts management and more. Real-time professionals take effective measures to minimise the costs through group conferencing that allow them to address client’s queries on first come, first serve basis.

In case of a major issue that occurs within the facility, the support team’s likely to take a long time responding to your call. This is the reason a dedicated service manager can help streamline communications, important for long-term success.

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A consistent & regular communication cadence
To schedule a routine “check-in call” with a service manager is important however, it depends on organisation. Some require weekly calls while others hold one on quarterly basis. It’s better to outline topics of discussion which must be per the attendees’ requisites.

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Seamless flow of information
A typical service manager at the colocation provider must be considered your primary communication officer, keeping a complete and traceable log of discussions till-date. This is important to properly identify and address issues whereas server manager also helps determining needs of a buyer. It helps in saving time while ensuring at-least one individual has complete knowledge and operational understanding of the colocation environment. Do remember that partial or fragment details would only present misleading information.

Understanding service’s legal agreement
A colocation provider may brag on having rapid response time to address interruptions and other issues. The only way to make certain is by investigating the track record of deployment teams in a colocation environment as well as by probing the services.

Query on their methods and tools to anticipate potential issues before allowing them to work in your organisation as this is crucial for overall safety and service reliability.

Business resilience and continuity matters most here and it’s better engaging with a provider having focus on preventing issues from occurring in the first place rather than experiencing interruptions routinely.

Determine the disaster recovery procedure from its entirety
Waste of time eventually results in losing revenue. Make sure the colocation company follows a standard disaster recovery protocol to get your business operations functional in shortest possible time. Allow the service manager to review the facility and how it has been provisioned to effectively counter any outages. Every corporate requisite are unique so make sure a proper protocol is being followed for optimistic and effective outcomes.

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Heed recommendations
A savvy and professional provider must be able to propose effective modifications to the facility and its impact on the overall environment. If changes are implemented prior to advance notification, chances of conflict are high that must be avoided at all cost. Advance planning would help prevent downtime and ensure business continuity.

The above steps clearly outline how you should select a colocation provider to keep business operations functional all the way.

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