7 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas


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The holidays can be a tricky time. It can be hard to come up with gift ideas that aren’t the same old, same old every year. Additionally, some people can be hard to find a gift for. This year, find something out of the ordinary to give your favorite family member, friend, or co-worker. Here’s a list of a few gifts that might just work for you:

 #1. Tickets, Please

Tickets to an event are always a great stocking stuffer. How often do you see an ad for a band you love—the night they’re supposed to play in your town. Or hear about a great exhibit at the art museum—the day before it’s set to close.

Check out the local arts scene in your town for some great gift ideas. Whether it’s a concert, a live podcast, a unique museum exhibit, or a speaker at the college—pick up a pair of tickets and give your loved one an excuse to experience something different. 

#2. Give Your Feet a Rest

If you know a parent who considers him or herself a chef-in-training, surprise them with a unique kitchen accessory—a GelPro floor mat. It might not be the first thing you think of when you’re shopping for the kitchen, but a quality mat can be a saving grace for anyone who’s on their feet all day.

 #3.Upgrade Your Jewelry

For women who love jewelry, a nice pair of stud earrings never go to waste. For a more unique gift idea, consider a piece of jewelry that is slightly out of the ordinary, like authentic Native American jewelry made with real turquoise and sterling silver.

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Jewelry can work as a fresh gift item if you can find a way to make it personal; attach a story to the earrings, the necklace, or the bracelet and give it sentimental value that will last forever.

 #4. Take it Easy

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For friends and family who need a vacation, give them a gift they’ll never forget. Consider splurging on a few days a spa resort—or give them part of a gift certificate that will motivate them to book the rest of the trip. Everyone needs a push to take time off of work; sometimes, giving your friends that extra incentive to kick back and relax can turn into the best gift of all.

#5. For the Hobby Hound

Just about everyone has a hobby—that activity that they’ll spend their nights and weekends pursuing passionately. Think about the person you’re buying for, and what their hobbies are.

For example, if your girlfriend is an amateur photographer, consider an upgrade lens. If your sister loves to make her own scarves, what about an upgraded sewing machine? For the green thumb in your life, new gardening tools will help them anticipate the spring that much more.

 #6. Turn Any Chair into a Massage Chair

For the anyone who lives in an office every day, try a Shiatsu Massaging Seat Topper and let them enjoy some of the benefits of shiatsu massage at their desk. Given the amount of time the average office worker spends sitting—and the back pain that can develop over time—this easy-to-install item can make the workday pass that much faster.

#7. Yes, Gift Cards Are OK

Many young adults are still in college and struggling to survive. Gift cards might not be the most unique gift, but they can be the most practical. For young professionals, gift cards to grocery stores can help keep the fridge stocked, but a gift card to an interesting new restaurant can help motivate them to get out of the house and experience something they would never buy for themselves.

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Make it Personal

There are a lot of gift options, and it can make things overwhelming but if you take the time to get to know the people you love, then getting creative or practical with your gifts should not be too hard. People love gift cards, but they also like being surprised that you know what they like and were able to get them something with a little more thought and effort involved. Even if it is not the perfect gift, the extra effort is almost always appreciated.

No matter where you buy your gift—whether it’s from a big box store or major online retailer, or a small boutique—add a personal touch such as a card, note, or extra decoration to make it something they’ll never forget.



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