6 Tips to Create Successful Landing Pages


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When we talk about the good design of a landing page, we do not only refer to doing something beautiful and aesthetically attractive, but also to make effective sites; we can do that with the user experience.

But what is the user experience? This is the set of factors related to the user’s interaction with a product whose result is the positive or negative perception of that service, product or device.

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And how can we get a positive user experience? With a good usability, that is, facilitating the user to use the tool to achieve a specific goal.

We give you 6 tips that will help your users to have a satisfactory user experience when they visit your landing,  sign them up! 😉

1 Simple design: less is more

The design should be simple and simple

Use neutral colors as a base

Reserve striking colors for elements to highlight: text or buttons

2 Little text: clear and orderly information

The message you must convey must be short and direct

Structure the information with bullets and lists so that the reading is optimal

3 Short forms: only the necessary fields

Limit the information you ask the user

The more fields there are to fill smaller is the probability that the user does

5 Avoid external links: NO to vanishing points

Vanishing points can mislead the user and therefore the landing page may not meet its objective

We must eliminate any link that causes the user to leave our site

6 Attractive images: synonym of professionalism and quality

The image is the first thing that users see when they visit your landing page

They are a marketing tool: they enrich the content of the site

They help to make browsing on the site more attractive and enjoyable

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